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2011SEO.jpgWe have been offering SEO packages based on extreme research and result analysis of various search engine optimization strategies. Our research has clearly indicated that regular maintenance of the SEO packages is indispensable for long lasting results. However, there exists a challenge of what strategies should be chosen as a part of regular SEO. 2011 has brought many changes to the conventional SEO approach. The change is more than just a trend switch to web2.0 that we had experienced during the last year. Right know, we have to deal with fierce competition, dominating trends in social media, the blooming smartphone usage and the most important Google Panda update.

As clear it is, before you being your SEO efforts, you should be planning ahead of a continuous promotion for at least a year. So the initial SEO strategy that you put together is the basement for the continuous promotion through the rest of the year. Here are some pointers for planning the initial setup for a continuous search engine optimization

  • Content is still the king even during 2011. The only thing that has changed is the spots where you used to publish the content. Publish your content at the top spots such as Google Knol, hub page, squidoo, and the best of the best article and press release directories. When we say “published” it does not mean that you have to just distribute and forget it. Get all the content that you distribute “PUBLISHED” online.
  • Setup all necessary profiles and accounts with all bells and whistles. Make 100% completion of profiles rather than just filling in the basic information. All these profiles are to be used for a long run and trust us that your initial effort with setting up the profiles matter the most.
  • Go for long time strategies like white hat social bookmarking, article marketing, press release distribution, social media content sites etc and use them wisely
  • If you are hit by Google Panda update, there is nothing to panic. All it takes is one month of natural and organic promotion with 0% black hat techniques. If affected with panda update, stay away from using duplicate and poor quality content permanently. Instead feed Google with very well researched top quality unique content and mostly publish them in the social media
  • When planning a 2011 SEO package don’t always look for anchor text links. SEO in 2011 is much more than 2011 and is about gaining credibility, reputation and  organic targeted promotion
We have not revealed the exact strategies to use in terms of search engine optimization for 2011 in this news post. However, with these ideas applied, all our SEO packages are updated and are ready to be served. Visit our 2011 SEO packages  section for more information.

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