If you have a business, it needs a website and if you have a website, it needs SEO

“No, I don’t have the budget to do ideal or recommended SEO for my site. May be you could advise me an end level cheapest service of yours. Possibly costing no more than 50$”.

Many SEO’s should have come across client responses of this sort. Most of the people who approach us for proposals never mind the end result. All they want is to do SEO for their website at the cheapest cost. Time to wake up website owners! What is the purpose of you investing just $50 and less gaining zero results, when you have an option to invest $500 which in-turn drives in more traffic to your site, fetching massive revenue?

SEO importance

Well, here are some reasons that I have listed that helps you identify why you shouldn’t pay attention to the budget any more, but for results while doing SEO for your website –

SEO needs patience. It’s a continuous process which you need to work on a regular basis. It’s never a one time job done. It’s definitely a costly process when compared to PPC or other advertising options, and so much expensive is the results you receive. Also, PPC and paid adverts are not cheap either. An ad placed over a reputed web page needs enough funding, primarily. The toughest part in this is identifying the right person to do the job for you. Handing over your business to novice SEO service provider and blaming on the drawbacks of SEO and the process is foolishness. When you say that you can’t afford SEO, it definitely means that you can never worry of your business’s online presence.

Optimizing your website’s presence by hiring a web designer is never doing the complete job for you. Your business definitely needs a local listing over the web, owing to the increased smartphone usage to identify local stores or services. Another important point to note is the categorization of SEO services and how people opt for only one service and expect huge returns. SEO involves various components like Improving Site Structure, Optimizing Content, SERP reporting, Article submission, Press Release and Blog creation, Directory Submission, Social Bookmarking and even more. When you decide to get only Press Release Creation and Submission service for your site, and expect a first page result for your main keyword, how will it happen? Splitting SEO services part by part, or doing only one service this month and postpone the next service to be done after 6 months is a big mistake. Advisable, is doing all procedures at a shot and waiting for results to follow and it is for sure that you get delighted seeing the increase in traffic to your site, provided you approach a professional SEO service provider.

There are even some business owners who are very stubborn in their keywords they should rank for. Doing a wrong keyword optimization for your industry will obviously fail, since people are not going to search you by the keyword that you suggest. Out of experience and expertise, SEO companies provide suggestions to lead your website optimization process in the right path. Paying attention to what they say and asking them for the reason for suggesting will always help you attain required results at a level higher. Simple in terms, you built a house, with the help of construction people, a good engineer, and a famous interior designer. Your house can never compromise the services of any one of amon them while getting raised. After a few years, when your house loses its initial glow, you seek the help of maintenance service providers, to retain the beauty of your house same as when it was constructed. The same formula applies to your website too.

Instead of suspecting the effects of SEO done to your website, why don’t you invest a sum into it and see to the voluminous results for real? At the end of the day, all you need is people finding your presence over the web.


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