The seven tactics to improve lead Generation (As said in Sherpa Summit 2008)

When 200 top marketers shared their valuable ideas and thoughts in effective lead generation in this economic downturn, the Summit came up with Seven themes for effective lead generation.

The seven themes were called as seven valuable takeaways which include:

  • Importance of forming strong relationships inside your organization
  • Best practices in lead nurturing
  • Content strategies for building trust with prospects
  • Tips on finding opportunities in an economic downturn
The takeaway #6 and #7 are on our focus.

Takeaway #6. Optimization can help you work smarter, not harder
According to the views of several presenters in the Sherpa summit, better results were achieved by optimizing the existing campaigns. Dr. Flint McGlaughlin, Aaron Rosenthal and Bob Kemper of Marketing Experiments explained the importance of optimizing landing pages. They demonstrated the key elements of their optimization strategy which included Focus on the transition points, such as registration forms, that lead prospects through a marketing funnel.

It’s about the sequence of thoughts that happens in the mind of the person who’s arrived at this place,” said McGlaughlin.

According to Gary Ware, the Web Marketing Manager of Overland Storage testing the web pages have been very much useful for him. His team was able to achieve  30% increase in clickthroughs and a 60% decrease in cost-per-conversion for their pay-per-click marketing campaigns through testing.

Anything that we can test, we test. We always get together monthly to see what’s working, what’s not, and see what we can do to keep moving the needle” said Mr. Ware.

Takeaway #7. Find opportunities in the economic downturn
Though some of them where worried about the economic downturn, most of the presenters reminded the audience to look for opportunities within the downturn. Some of the ideas that grabbed our attention were the use of low cost viral videos and incorporating social media. 

Paul Dombowsky, Director Marketing, VoIPshield, shared the success his team achieved by creating viral “hacker” videos demonstrating security vulnerabilities in voice-over-IP systems. The videos only cost his team $3,000 and helped them land articles in major newspapers that raised awareness for security problems. Moreover, the video distribution online is easy and effective today.

Regarding the incorporation of social media, Jakub Mochon and Samantha King, Marketing Managers, Siemens Medical Solutions, achieved $130 million worth of pipeline revenue for a new MRI machine by having rural hospitals participate in a viral video and community voting contest. The campaign awarded a free machine to the hospital that received the most votes for its homemade video.

We needed something to stretch our dollars,” said King. “We needed to use social media.

You can find the full Sherpa B2B summit wrap up by clicking here

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