Social Networking Bellwether Facebook Unveils New “Interest Lists”

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Make your News Valuable with Facebook

When it comes to social networking website there is no other better platform than Facebook. With more than 850 million active users, the number of users is soaring up high continually than any other networking sites. Facebook is not just socializing; it has plenty of other things to do; from announcing an event to promoting any type of business. Off late, businesses have found Facebook to be a wonderful platform to speak about their products and services.

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Facebook engineers strive their best to provide top feature to its general users. It has the 'best of breeds' of features which are usually not available with other networking sites and this push others behind Facebook.


Facebook has recently introduced a special tool which allows users to subscribe to their   interests and favorite people's update. It has borrowed a bit from Pinterest and Twitter, when users subscribe to public figures or favorite brands they will be notified about the updates. For instance, users can subscribe to their interest lists like sports or recipes and top stories will be notified to them regularly. These feeds appear more or less like 'personalized newspapers'
Despite the fact that the new interest list feature would not be much valuable for general users- it will be highly useful for people who follow specific trends, interests, topic, sports, subject, etc. Especially this feature will be highly useful for journalists who can get various sources of news by personalizing news and feed section.

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Special 'list' features helps social networking users to differentiate interest and information. They can stay updated with news from groups or related people they wish. Not to mention, the special feature turn Facebook into personalized newspaper. It is easy to receive news of your choice; be it tech news, sports, business, fashion or anything as you wish. Top stories from public figures and pages are put together to make it easy for audience to go through. Facebook users can scan through the recent headlines and if you wish you can click through read more posts.

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