Identity Theft On The rise

social-media-identity-theft.jpgA recent media report by Fox news highlighted the fact that social identity thefts are becoming increasingly common. Be it the common man or the celebrity – no one seems to have been safeguarded from this crime.

Take the case of identity theft in Twitter which is one of the most popular social networking sites. The site features profiles of various celebrities from diverse fields; nonetheless no one can guarantee that the Twitter account that is being used is real. In most of the cases, it is seen that even the users are not even sure about the reality of the site. Even experts fail to make a difference between the real and the fake one. There is no system of identity verification and anyone can simply create an email account and get access to Twitter.

There are various imposters in the web who hack all the valuable information of a genuine person and use it for his or her own benefit. In fact this can happen to any one. Many people can find that one fine day they are unable to access their social network accounts, be it facebook, orkut or twitter. The site could be asking you various questions and block your access. Administrators might feel that you are an impersonator. So if you want to protect your identity from being stolen, you should be extra careful before divulging all the personal details. There are a number of risk consulting agencies which offer precautionary measures which will help you to protect your account.

Such cases have been reported in Twitter. Although Twitter representatives have not confirmed about the identity of any of the celebrities who have signed up for this site, many users have noticed the differences between the real and the fake ones. There are many profiles which have been shut down because they violated the impersonation policy. Even celebrities are concerned about their reputation and their case of mistaken identity. Some of them have even appeared publicly in order to clear their names. There are many who have felt that their names have been used for unnecessary publicity.

In fact eminent people across the globe have expressed their concern over rising social media fraud. The web is a big place where all kinds of people meet each other. It becomes virtually impossible to know about the authenticity of their identities. The gamers take advantage of this fact and create identities that are not their own.

The best way to check this crime is to register your name in the social media sites. However as an individual you might not be aware of all the social media sites or even lack the time and patience to register yourself in it. In such a scenario you can take the help of specialists who will aid you in this endeavor. You can take help of different security consulting agencies to check whether the brand name is available or not.

There are different social media sites and they ensure that all those who enter their names in the sites have their profiles checked. Even social media sites believe this kind of screening system. One can easily distinguish between a real and fake person. So if someone is conning for unfair means, the consulting agency will immediately know about.

Remember recent media reports have proved that social media fraud is becoming increasingly common; hence it is best to take the help of competent professionals and save yourself from it.

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