Know What is Trending in the Top 10 cities of US

twitter maps.jpgKnowing the current trends is becoming a lot easier with the help of twitter. Mashable, one of the greatest social media news provider has become a social media service provider with the support of Bing. The local twitter trends map available at Mashable (powered by bing) top ten most tweeted terms in major cities.

This may become the greatest hit because it will be useful to both online surfers and the online businesses for search engine optimization, as it is possible to know the current trends in the 10 major cities of the United States. The cool search feature allows webmasters to see what is trending for the keywords in these cities and plan marketing campaigns based on the trends. With this, the consumers get what they are looking for while the online businesses will get more sales (visitors). So let’s welcome the “Local Twitter Trends Map” with open hands.

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