UK Election 2010 Makes Its Debut Into Social Media

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How much buzz in 7 days??

Gordon-Brown-David-Camero-001.jpgWith just 7 days to go, UK election is getting hot. As you and I guessed, UK election 2010 is making its way into the social media. With President Barak Obhama finding great success in his election campaign with the support of the social media, there is nothing to wonder on why the parties in UK election are getting in to the web 2.0 world. The most interesting thing about the debut of UK election 2010 into the social media is that, with just 7 more days to go, only the three big political party leaders have made a video for the election campaign which is available in youtube. The youtube facebook digital debate video is already up and running in youtube and has got 163,550 views so far.

The dawn of the digital election this year is a transformative moment for democracy in Britain. By allowing voters to cross-examine their leaders, these digital debates will put the voters firmly in charge. This marks a decisive shift away from the constraints of top-down traditional media and will take full advantage of the unique scale and reach of Facebook, thus changing the way that politicians campaign for good." Says Richard Allan who is the director of policy of facebook.

Meanwhile, Google’s director of communications Mr. Peter Barron said “Although the televised debates will be a historic first, we feel that there is an opportunity for a different type of platform that allows voters to be in charge of the questions. By collaborating with Facebook to put together one initiative we hope to enable as many voters as possible from across the UK to take part."

Yes, we have just seven more days to go and let’s see if this social media debut makes any possible impact in the 2010 UK election campaign.    

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