How to Drive Traffic for Your Facebook Fan Page?

Are you a business man? Do you have a Facebook Fanpage? Most probably you'd have come across the question, “How can I get more traffic?”.  Promoting your business in social media websites can definitely help you to reach customers rapidly although facebook leads any other social media. 

     Get More Traffic for Fan PageStudies on social media has proven that Facebook is the best place to maintain a better social communication with your audience and customers. It builds a strong relationship between you and your customers

Creating a Fanpage for your business will encourage the brand awareness among public and paves a way for your profitable business. Now, let’s see how to increase traffic for your business Fanpage.

Effective Facebook Fanpage optimization helps you to drive more traffic. The eight strategies discussed here can bring you more visitors towards your fanpage.


Profile Picture:


An optimized Facebook page sample













The Fanpage profile picture has the power to attract your audience and customers. The cover photo part is an 851px wide and 315px height image area. Plan for an outstanding high quality cover image and information that could reach your customers. The cover image can have some attractive graphics with your website title and tagline and to make it more effective include your website url. The profile picture should be optimized with your business logo. The minimum size of the profile picture is about 180px width and 180px height area.

Redirection tab / Build up an I-Frame:

Make your users enjoy your website live in fanpage by building up a redirection tab or I-Frame. I-frame tabs will display your website in an I-frame box in your fanpage. Using Facebook static html page application, you can create it easily. Download the application and install the Static Iframe Tab.

Website URL:

Include the website url within the short description of your company. As the short description is visible at the root page, this tends your visitors to click the website url that drives more traffic.

An Arrow:

Create an arrow from the cover picture towards the Like option below the image. This attracts audience and induces them to like your page. This helps your fans to get all your updates posted in your page and leads to boost up more traffic.

Regular Updates:

Share and post updates on your fanpage frequently. Post at least three updates daily like your offers or website news. Provide valuable information, tips, news in your industry and more.


Promote your fanpage in facebook groups, your websites, forums, advertising etc. Avoid spammy contents, since facebook has the rights to block your page if it falls under spam.

Authentic Fans:

Real Fan Page Likes

Generate real fans for your fanpage. Never think of generating likes by using bots which produce 10k or 30k likes at a time. This will never generate traffic for your website or increase your sales. Only real likes from real fans has the power to induce your traffic.

Fan Page SEO:

Alike optimizing your website, you need to optimize your fanpage to rank it on search results. The meta title in website is the page title and the meta description is the short description you give in your fanpage. Include relevant keywords in your page title and short description that helps it to rank in search results.

Try the above guidelines and you will see massive increase in traffic for your fanpage. Optimizing your fanpage has the similar effects of optimizing your website.  If you are not aware of effective facebook fanpage optimization, it is always better to contact a professional social media expert or designer.

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