Why Don't You Bake Your Tweets Using Blackbird Pie?

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What's Cooking At Twitter?

Have you ever wondered what is that special with the blue bird? It asks what you do right now and you feed the bird with updates every moment you do something. And there is nothing so special going on with twitter. If this is your thought then you are not probably aware of the “Twitter Media Blog”. Trust me that there are many new things happening with twitter and everything is available in this “Twitter Media Blog”. Well I can call this media blog as “Twitter Labs???” (Sorry Google Labs that was something similar to you guys).

Okay, now you do not know “Twitter Media Blog” and it doesn’t surprise me that you didn’t even know that there is something called “Blackbird Pie” which is the most recent twitter product. I will explain Blackbird Pie’s working method later. Before that let me explain why this product was developed. So, as I said, you make updates every second, drink tea or take bath or brush your teeth (and I am not going to mention that) do whatever and you tweet ;) . And yes you do occasionally do tweets that carry vital information and you will need only those particular tweets highlighted by placing them on your website or blog. The only way to do is to take a screenshot of the tweets and then crop the particular one of importance and embed the image in your website or blog. This is where “Blackbird Pie” comes into play. All you have to do is to enter the particular “Tweet Url” and the “Blackbird Pie” will bake an embed code for you. This code can be used to embed single tweet in websites and blogs. And as you guessed “Blackbird Pie” rests in the Media Blog.

Now I know many of you have skipped reading my post and have headed to try “Blackbird Pie” and you had to come back here as you do not know how to take a “Tweet Url”. Well getting a “Tweet Url” is very simple. You will see the time stamp attached to each tweet. Click the time stamp and you will get the tweet url.


So now you have the tweet url and are you ready to bake it?

Here is what I baked:

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