Pres Obama's 100th day on youtube

obama100.jpegPresident Barack Obama has just completed 100 days in office. The event that marked his 100th day was broadcast live by YouTube. The event included Obama’s live address, as well. The Google owned internet video sharing website also featured analysis and commentary from popular news channels such as Al-Jazeera and Fox News. Political analysis was also procured from The Washington Post. These news organizations had interviewed peoples’ views from Americans on Obama’s first 100 days in the White House.

Steve Grove who is associated with the news and politics team of YouTube shared his views that the first 3 months of Obama rule brought him face to face with several new challenges which no one had expected. Grove further asked who would have foretold about the pirates ruling the Somali Coast or the swine flu. However, he added that the president continues to deal with the unexpected situation in the same way as his predecessors have done.

Grove had said that in the midst of every political perspective analyzing Obama’s first hundred days in office, he along with his team members were busy in channeling the live flow of press conference from the White House through YouTube. According to sources, YouTube has been found encouraging the citizens to “join in the conversation.” People are being advised to do so by posting a video and sharing their views on how Obama Administration fared in the past three months. YouTube have also sought the advice of the common man regarding Obama’s moving forward.

The plan to include the live stream of the President’s press conference was announced on Wednesday. It was Obama’s 1st live news event. YouTube had also requested the people to share their video response. According to reports, it was the first attempt of YouTube to make a successful bid into live news coverage. Prior to that, the popular internet video had telecast weekly addresses of Obama. Those addresses to the nation were featured during Obama’s presidential campaign and they played a very significant role in paving the way for his victory.

The live event was telecast by YouTube but seasoned news and entertainment channels such as CBS, ABC and NBC had reportedly no plans to feature the White House event live. However, Fox News Channel remained struck to its prior plan and aired live only the press conference of Obama. Center for Media and Public Affairs, a US-based research company, has found that President Barack Obama has the distinction of having more evening news coverage than his immediate predecessor George Bush as well as Bill Clinton.

An unbiased review of the situation in the past three months would reveal that Obama had to confront unprecedented challenges during his short tenure in White House. When Obama was elected in November last year, everyone thought that the most burning issues before him would be the Middle East as well as the collapsing economy. However, he has got to deal with several unexpected things which no one had ever imagined.

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