Top 3 PPC platforms for your next business investment

In the past decade, internet has played a crucial role how businesses and individuals choose to share information. For online businesses, there has been an increased focus on inbound marketing techniques and businesses are still discovering the several advantages of publishing unique and enriching content on a regular basis. This change in internet marketing has also been ably supported by the rise of social media and preference towards blogging. In this context, SEO (search engine marketing) and PPC (Pay per Click) have proved to be the most effective lead generation tools.

Pay per Click or PPC is best described as an internet marketing model wherein a business/brand/company places an advertisement on popular internet platforms to gain quality leads. The business aspect of this strategy lies in an agreement where businesses pay for every click generated from the hosting platform. PPC comes with several advantages:

  1. Instant traffic: Placing advertisements on top of search engines like Google offers immediate results wherein the end user notices the brand/product in the search result page.
  2. Complete control: Campaign marketers are in total control over the ad copy, the destination URL and the keywords that will be associated with the ad.
  3. Less Impacted by algorithm updates: PPC advertisements are less impacted compared to the organic search results.
  4. Complete dominance: PPC campaigns will allow brands to dominate both the natural and paid search results triggered by specific search engine queries.
  5. Targeting audience: Keying in relevant keywords ensures that your brand gets the right amount of exposure whenever a related search is performed. Consequently, you can expect to get the highest quality leads who would be interested in the website’s offerings, products, services and subscriptions.

Today, every online marketer knows the importance of PPC. However, one can get quite confused when choosing between the various PPC platforms and tools. There are several popular networks that entertain and attract advertising dollars. But not all of them are reliable enough to invest in. Here are the top 3 PPC platforms used by online businesses globally:

Google Adwords

The most popular among PPC platforms, Google Adwords offers a high volume of traffic. No one can counter the leadership of Google when it comes to search engine activities. A market share of about 67%, Google is the most profitable PPC platform to invest in.

Advantages of Google Adwords:

  1. High traffic volume: Google search engine commands a huge volume of search. Used by millions of customers across the globe, “Google” has made itself synonymous to internet search.
  2. Top ad positioning: There would be no queue to get to the top. If you are looking to place your brand at the top of SERPs, you can have it done right away.

Disadvantages of Google Adwords:

  1. Expensive: Compared to other PPC platforms, you would be paying considerably higher for Google ads.
  2. Learning curve: Understanding advertising optimization in Google Adwords requires going through a steep learning curve. Consequently, you will always need to hire a professional PPC agent.

Yahoo! Bing Search

The second most dominating search engine after Google, it allows access to the few markets that don’t use Google.

Advantages of Yahoo Bing Search:

  1. Lower CPC: Keywords are less expensive on Yahoo Bing Network as compared to the Google Adwords. This also gives marketers an opportunity to test ad copies before investing in Adwords.
  2. Better customer service: There is always someone on the other end of the phone who is willing to answer your queries, howsoever simple they might be. This effectively suits new businesses and start ups.

Disadvantages of Yahoo Bing Search:

  1. Lower traffic: Not many people use Bing Search across the globe. Compared to Google Adwords there is less amount of traffic to engage.
  2. Limited growth: Low search volumes make it hard for your campaigns to grow to its fullest.


With more than a billion active users every day, Facebook is the leading social network. Advertisement on Facebook enables you to interact with a massive pool of audience.

Advantage of Facebook:

  1. Varied targeting options: Facebook allows targeting of specific demographics, age groups, geographical regions and even user interests.
  2. Large database: The platform gives direct access to every user on Facebook and there would be very few who don’t have a profile on this network.

Disadvantages of Facebook:

  1. Lower CTR: The click through rate is quite lower than Google Adwords or Bing Search.
  2. Constant updates: Avoiding ad fatigue requires constant updates of ad copies.
Today, a business understands that leads have become more important that the website traffic itself. Visitors that are driven by pure inquisitiveness and reasonable queries are more likely to support a business’s goals than visitors who find to have accidentally run into websites. PPC is an effective way to achieve marketing success.


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