Do you think that Content Takes Priority While Backlinks Diminish?

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Lots happening in the SEO world today as a continuation after the Google bombarded the fantastic-4 updates to its algorithm. No strategies remain the same as before. And what I understand is that SEO has evolved a whole 75%. Google remaining the top search engine as of today is keen in renovating its room for search data for their users to be beneficial to the core. SEO gurus and tech geeks predict the future of SEO which is going to be more challenging and beneficial at the same time contradictory. However, honestly speaking most of the time the real picture remains hidden and unrevealed behind the crystal glass. Here is one such prediction by Rand Fishkin of SEOMoz.

He quotes his predictor article as “Prediction: Anchor Text is Dying...And Will Be Replaced by Co-citation”.

Co-citation in simple terms – If two entirely different sources are cited by a third source which is also different from the other two, the first two sources are related or share a level of similarity. That’s how the search engine bots consider.

Here is the video below,


Rand may OR may not be correct in his predictions. But we also pay attention to the brighter side of what he suggests. Co-citation is somehow a safer approach making you safe from bad link penalties and Penguin. Why because, it mainly eliminates the need of links to rank you better in SERPs and significantly looking normal without manipulations. All that is required for this is the name of the website and the main keyword your business deals with. But ‘co-citation’ getting replaced by Anchor text in future is really a big sentence in my thoughts. Do you think Google will spare your newer techniques? If so, that will be great news for SEO’s to start building this criss-cross co-citation maps for websites. I opine that both anchor text and co-citation should co-exist. One out-weighing the risk of the other. Both helping you gain traffic to your website will be the holiest approach.









Again doubts’ regarding this co-citation technique prevails. What about the scope of the keywords involved? How to differentiate bad citation from good? If the relevance of a brand name, its keyword and the number of times it appears over other websites determine the ranking factor, will anyone not able to boost their product which is actually a worthless one? Search will then reach its negative side at the infinity level.

What do think reading this post? Please share your valuable thoughts.

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