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" You are more powerful than you know; you are beautiful just as you are…. "
... is the Quote that impressed me ... is the Quote that impresses us

Sidney Sheldon, Stephenie Meyer, James Herriot

... are the Authors that inspire me ... are the Authors that inspire us

Houseplant care, Cacti and Succulents, Pet care, crafting, crocheting… and the list goes on…..

... summarizes my passion in life ... summarizes our passion in life

Hi, I’m happy to have you visiting my post. I work in Submitinme as a Content Writer. I constantly look out for and love to write about the latest trends in SEO and Digital Marketing. I’m a passionate writer, as I love everything I do. This quote, ‘The only way to do great work is to love what you do’ from Steve Jobs, is something I totally believe in. I set goals for myself and thrive on challenges consistently. So I have something to strive towards always. I am never happy with settling on something, and I always look for a chance to achieve greatness.

... that's Me @ Submitinme

I’m Cynthia, an ever-busy mom. I’m a busy bee like every working mom out there; yeah my son keeps me super busy! Basically, I’m a Biotechnologist who completed B.Tech in Kanyakumari and then I pursued my MBA in HR in Chennai. The almighty has taken me through many twisted paths in my career. I was a Medical Coder, an Implementation Engineer, a teacher for special kids, whatnot, and finally a content writer. I see a major fulfillment in my career now, as I have found the joy of writing and exploring the world of SEO. I believe that the wave of my life has driven me towards this job where my passion is. What else, I’m in love with nature. Anybody who knows me will also know about the mini pet zoo and the mini forest full of plants in my home. The newest addition to our family is a pair of succulent, and that’s my latest addiction. Just a bloom in the morning makes my day. Supportive, equally crazy husband, a cutie baby boy, lovely parents, and that’s everything about me. Thanks for reading!

... that's Me, Myself & I - Aloud ! ... that's us @ Submitinme

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