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" Write to relieve and write to reveal. "
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Chris Roberson, Kass Morgan, R.L. Stine, Tsugumi Ohba, William Shakespeare, Matt Southern,

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Quotes writing, playing badminton, daily workout and gardening.

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I, Shermy have been a lead Technical News Writer since 2018. I’m good at doing research and conveying it into writing. I write on Marketing trending topics, fresh Search Engine & Social Media updates and News.

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Shermy is my name. I grew up in a small independent family, played under the peach trees and ate strawberries out of bushes, in the Gods own country. My world was small and secure inside four compound walls. God gave me the power to grasp the concept and write it in my own words. My passion for writing started at the age of 12, in the form of diary writing followed up by attending numerous essay competitions till now. Days passed by so did my childhood grew up old in a world of negativity but friendship was the only thing that helped me survive in such a dominating world. I did my degree in an independent environment got graduated successfully. My dad was about to retire so I had to help him by giving him a hand financially. Relatives were of no use. I literally tried every doorstep in search of an opportunity that is when I got placed in a Broker Price Opinion company as a mail manager. While working, I got a bigger opportunity to fly out of the city and work for an MNC. It was one of the greatest blessing in my life, there I shined like a diamond being so much dedicated. The prize I got for my dedication was a promotion to become a technical team coach for my team and that was when Chennai was completely washed away in the flood. Then God decided to put my in the hands of my loving soulmate. Now Iam a mother of a pre-schooler and a toddler. Iam also a YouTuber (@Cook Under 30 Minutes), Nail-artist, passionate SEO News Writer, Quotes writer (@a_conscious_dreamer_). With a degree in commerce, I have been in the shoes of a technical support team coach, a mail manager and here I am as an SEO News writer. I have always thought writing is better than speaking. Words have the power to speak more. I feel like a failure when I don't write. Thank you for your patience reading, you are indeed a good reader.

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