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" Action is the foundational key to all Success "
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Shiv Khera, Sargent

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Listening Musics, Surfing in the net, Nature Watching, Playing Video Games

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I am Vijay – a SEO Strategist – who is explorative, loving, carefree, (only as much as I can be!) and a perfect professional, the way most days turn out to be. Evolving, with the demands of time and the Social Media platforms for the last 3 years, work is as much fun and sport as anything can be as I can’t be anything else than that what I am naturally tuned to be at I have been constantly probing, pickering and growing with what I learn to stay a step ahead media trends and techniques to deliver the best I can.

... that's Me @ Submitinme

Writing for readership is not always easy, though for some it is; luckily I am one. I am Vijay, in the midst of LIFE at full throttle on the road less travelled and those who know me would vouch by me for dependability, when I take it on myself to do things that otherwise can’t be done and that is why I like doing what I do…provide customized SEO solutions to clients at Submitinme.

Growing up as a geek, following the natural progression of my mind and the algorithmic beat of my heart led me into SEO – fuelled by a curious streak to know more, to be there, to master and to succeed. To add to that, I am also a certified Master in Computer Application and this has done me good in more ways than one in my three years as an Optimization Strategist at

The few hours that I am not wired to the web, I become a watcher of nature – my own, and all life & beings around, and am seriously against anything un-ecological and unethical and so, I don’t disapprove you calling me a Green Geek. I love music that connects to my soul, books that inspire; swimming that soothes the senses. I also indulge in knee scrapping, ankle twisting weekends of soccer and in satiating my need for speed on my Honda. I am exploring – pushing and pulling at the limits of my existence, to get more and so, give more. This is me, but have I said enough?

... that's Me, Myself & I - Aloud ! ... that's us @ Submitinme

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