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Back Link Diversification - Where to Get Quality Backlinks

Guna Nadar

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Much have been discussed about Back Link and Anchor Link Diversification, The real issue here is where to get those quality back links without paying for it. (Ofcourse paid links and paid advertorials are Blackhat)

BacklinksRecently Jenifer had written an article on Back Link Diversification, which suggested that the backlinks should be obtained from a variety of places and not limited to a few category of sites. Since then we had several mails and calls asking where and how anyone can get those diversified back links. Although it depends on the industry to which your business is, there are a number of places where we can get a decent amount of quality backlinks. I am ruling out paid links or paid advertorials, blog etc. as Google have come down heavily on them with the Penguin -2 update. Let us see some of the places where we can get those quality backlinks without paying for it.

Submit Case Studies & White Papers
Value: 10 | Complexity: 10 | Research: Yes | Content: Yes | Qty 15

A case study or white paper needs a lot of research, statistics, data and good analytical skill. It may take a week or 15 days to do a perfect case study. The hard work is justified by the quality backlinks you can have to your site and direct traffic from readers. A case study will boost your brand and portray your business at it's best. A case study is also a goldmine of information which you can use forever. So this is my first choice and you may get 15 -20 quality backlinks through case studies.

Backlink Audit




Sample places where you can submit case studies


Local Business Sites
Value: 10 | Complexity: 7 | Research: No | Content: Yes | Qty 30

One in 3 searches are local. Setting up profiles at local site is the first step to do online if you have a brick and mortar business. This is the reason I have given the second place as this may not suit all the websites. Setting up profiles and customizing profiles with backlinks to website is a fairly simple task. The pin verification is the only process which needs extra care. The BIG 3 have dedicated separate sections for local business. Apart from them there are numerous local directories catering for specific locations. These are the places which one can get quality backlinks and targeted audience.

Sample places where you can create business profiles


Document Sharing
Value: 10 | Complexity: 8 | Research: Yes | Content: Yes | Qty 25

With the research for white papers, it is a cake walk to create interesting documents especially with powerpoint and then distribute them across document sharing sites. Document sharing sites now attract a huge audience and subscriber list. Document sharing is a sure success and some of the documents get over 100,000 views in a couple of weeks. 20-25 links can be reaped through Document Sharing.

Sample places where you can share documents



Disavow Tips on Penguin 2.0

Link Audit for Penguin 2.0

Un-Natural Link Analysis

SPAM Network Link Audit

PAID Link Audit

BANNED Link Audit


Photo/Image Sharing
Value: 9 | Complexity: 8 | Research: No | Content: Yes | Qty 50

Pinterest has created a revolution in the photo sharing/ image sharing world. Several photos and images had gone viral with  thousands and millions of pins and shares. When flickr was introduced there was a huge expectation but flickr failed to improvise to reach the masses.  A funny cartoon, Vital statistics, Infographics, Quotographics or any other interesting image can be used to share and thus gain back links. Eventhough there are 100's of sites, You can get around 50 quality backlinks from Image sharing sites.

Sample places where you can share photos/images


Video Sites
Value: 9 | Complexity: 8 | Research: Yes | Content: Yes | Qty 30

YouTube being the top 10 popular sites, and in the era of smart phones video is a must for every business and ofcourse videos can get quality backlinks to innerpage url's sections of website. Videos can be of any topic educational, how to, humorous, product description, tips etc. Videos are easy to create and good video's go viral. they not only fetch links from video sites like youtube but also from places where the video is syndicated. It is always a win win situation with video distribution

Sample places where you can upload videos

  1. http://www.youtubecom

About Us Sites
Value: 9 | Complexity: 6 | Research: No | Content: Yes | Qty 20

When it comes to brand name search, about us sites play a very important role.  If you have a website, it should be rightly represented at the about us sites. About us sites mostly crawl and index data from websites, but it is essential that the data should be submitted manually with the right links at right places with unique content. About us sites help a lot in reputation management.

Sample About Us Sites


Social Networking & Social Media Sites
Value: 9 | Complexity: 9 | Research: No | Content: Yes | Qty 50

I have not given Top Priority to social media and social networking sites as they tend to change their policies from time to time. Facebook for example do not allow Google to index the inner pages of profile, however they allow to crawl the Fanpage home. Tweets were appearing realtime on Google results for a period of time and then they disappeared. Likewise social networks really don't play a major role in SEO but when it comes to branding and reputation, it is quintessential to have a decent listing & activity in the social media world. Sometime back Matt said that social signals are also a ranking factor, So it is mandatory to have a social media presence.

Sample Social Networking Sites


PR & NEWS Sites
Value: 8 | Complexity: 6 | Research: No | Content: Yes | Qty 75

While it is largely disputed that if a press release link has a backlink value, in my experience, Yes it works and works very well with higher ROI. Creating and distributing news worthy PR provide a strong support to the entire link architecture, helping to diversify the links. Also most of the news distributed in high quality sites appear withing minutes on Google news. Although the publicity s short lived(2-3 days highlighted on places such as Google news) the links remain there forever. That is the reason I have given a value of 8.

Sample PR & NEWS Sites


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