Basic On-Page SEO To Increase Your Page Ranking

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Minor tweaks make major differences in Page Rank

On Page SEO Whenever you hire SEO experts to boost your page rank you basically have two main points of focus - Off-page and On-page SEO. Off-page SEO focuses mainly on link building back to your page and backlinks play a crucial role in getting ranked with the search engines. On-page SEO is more focused on ensuring that search engines view your pages as being relevant. Here is a simple guide for helping you with the on-page optimization factors..

1. Domain Match - After you have chosen your keywords then you should use your main keyword in your domain name. If possible you need to exactly match the domain name to your keywords. If not then it should at least be included.

2. Readable URLs - Make every attempt at getting your main keyword into your URL. If you have an automatically generated URL with a string of symbols and letters that will carry no weight for your page rank. This is not good for SEO. So you need to rewrite your urls to make it user friendly.

Good URL :
Bad URL : item_id=47

When writing your short URL title include your keyword and reap On-page SEO benefits. This is an example of where a CMS such as WordPress is so great - it will generate the URL automatically and also enables you to change them easily.

3. Meta Tags for effective On-Page optimization

  • Meta Title - Your title is an important place for using your keyword. It is one of the crucial elements for on-page SEO. If your page is setup 'on-topic' then this should be an easy thing to do.
  • Meta Description - Your meta description is not as important but worth doing. It's good practice to describe your page using your keyword a couple of times naturally. This may not effect your page rank all that much but it will cause your keyword to be highlighted in bold on the search results page. It can capture the attention of surfers.
  • Meta keywords – Even today some of the popular search engines value keywords, so it is safer to provide 3-5 keywords or key phrases.
  • Optional meta Tags – Language, Author, Refresh etc which is not considered as important in the on-site seo point of view.
4. Robots.txt – It is always good to have a Robots.txt file which tells the search engines which page to crawl and which pages are no to be crawled.
5. H1 title - Your headline can be a bit tricky but is another important part of your SEO work. You need to place your keyword here because it is what is going to compel your readers to keep reading. Many people find this a little difficult and hard to write, but if you can get it right it really can boost your SEO efforts.

On Page SEO Optimization ServiceThere are several on-page techniques you can do to boost your ranking. One is updating your site regularly with fresh relevant quality content with your keywords flowing naturally throughout your page. You can add your keywords to your 'alt' tags, you can link to other pages as well.

These tips should help you get started with basic on-page optimization. For advanced and effective on-page SEO services, you can get the help of  SEO professionals who are expeienced in on-page optimization.

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