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You know what they call ‘Black Friday’ now? - ‘Cyber Black Friday’. Do you know the reason and who baptized the new name? It’s the 

online_shopping_ecommerce‘National Retail Federation’ who coined the name due to the never ending sales and the significant amount of consumers who were continuing to shop even after the Thanksgiving weekend. Ecommerce websites have a valid reason to rejoice since their sales orders never end by the weekend. The long lasting effect may be also due to most people who had been busy throughout the holidays and lately stop by online shops to cart their goods they wished for and missed. I had already alerted Ecommerce site owners to optimize their sites way back in September.

Here are a few suggestive tips for you to consider while revamping your eCommerce sites:

  1. Keep your website simple to access and retrieve needed information. Never crowd your site with too many unwanted and repeated information and confuse your buyers. A clean and clear-cut approach will gain customer satisfactory and retention rate.
  2. Optimize your website to be user-friendly no matter what browser they use to land-up on your page.
  3. Pay attention to the security you provide to your customers transaction details. Visibly tell them that you have gained accolades for data security relating their purchase from your site. Pamper them that way to make a free-minded shopping.
  4. Describe each and every product you have displayed in your eCommerce site in detail. Incorrect or vague information underneath products will end up a headache to you as well as your customer once the product gets delivered.
  5. Easy navigation and site-speed are two eminent factors of an eCommerce site. If your website takes more than 30 seconds to load a particular page, the customer will be automatically tempted to switch-over to another eCommerce site.
  6. Make sure to display your contact information in your website. Jot them all under a “Contact Us” page which should include address, phone number, mobile number and email address. Gain your customers trust that way.
  7. Have a live help facility 24/7 for your website. This increases the chance of getting more sales with respect to confused customers, who may exit your site without making a purchase.
  8. Never update your site during the holiday season and if for any critical updates, should be done only after peak hours.
  9. Test the updates thoroughly before making it go live. Have the habit of using a test page prior to the live page update, and remember to have a backup of the old page.
  10. Each and every eCommerce site will offer a discount for the Black Friday. So make your discount and offers unique that would outsmart the rest in the market. Set a discount analysis plan well before planning on coining a discount or coupon offers.
  11. Opt for PPC ads at least for a short period of time nearby the Holiday season.
  12. Create blog contents using well versed writers, boosting your business and post them periodically on a regular basis.
  13. A temporary change to your Meta content over subpages of your website, especially for the holiday season will pay you. Focua more on holiday related keywords like ‘Cyber Monday’, ‘Christmas’, ‘Black Friday’, ‘Online sale’ and ‘holiday’.
  14. Promote a sensible and attractive video on your brand and promote the same over the social media.
  15. Design your website so that when a user lands on your web page they should be able to recognize that you are all set for holiday festival. Possibly with Christmas trees, red and green filled objects, glitters all over, Santa and related stuffs.
  16. Never forget to add a Pinterest share button to your already existing social share buttons like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Make all your social sites holiday theme based temporarily.
  17. Facebook coupon promotion gains you a huge reach to a wide range of audience. Stamp your presence in all social media stores.
  18. Here are a few top Black Friday Sites for your reference:,, TGI Black Friday, Mahalo,, Black Friday Gear, BlackFriday.FM, Black Friday Ads,,
  19. Use micro data to define your products to the search engine bots.
  20. Provide your customers the facility to wrap gifts or presents as an add-on like service. Mention the facility in a dialog box below the product purchased and opt them for a click option at it.
  21. Free shipping is a very good way to attract your customers, though you add up the money with the product’s price. Important is what you mention it as a priority since there are  well established eCommerce sites selling high cost products and also charging on shipping.
  22. Club together similar items like kids’ items or fashion accessories for women or men athletic wear into a single gift package and announce greater discounts for them. This will tempt them to buy the pack eying on the money they save.
  23. Design your site to be mobile friendly, since more than 65% of the eCommerce sales are through mobile phones, smartphones and tablets.
  24. Dissolve off your client giving your customers a return back offer for a particular period of time if not satisfied. This applies to only a few of the categories excluding for apparels and jewelry and sorts of.
  25. Finally, tracking all your promotions and marketing efforts done especially for Black Friday is very important. It helps you track the ROI which helps to correct the errors you committed and applaud the right strategies you followed, continuing it to the next holiday season in 2013.


Here is a cool Infographics on Holiday eCommerce business surge in 2012.





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