Internet Marketing solely considers "Content" to play a major role in pacifying search engine bots, aiding them to bring websites on top search engine positions. What about Blogs, in such circumstances?

“BLOG”. This should never be a new word to an internet user. What about “BLOG PROMOTION & MARKETING?” Again this should not be a completely new phrase for Business owners who possess a website and had a glimpse into SEO. At least not for a 60% of them. The popularity that ‘Blog Promotion’ had already gained for businesses owes to the most cost effective, viral branding & expanded message spread capability that the procedure handholds. I believe this post to be a brush-up session for companies wishing for a global web outreach, thereby bagging up visitors to their business website.


RSS Feeds

Are you aware of RSS Feeds & Subscriptions? Now what do these RSS feeds do for your Blog?

RSS feeds are excellent promotion options aiding you wit setting an automated system that will automatically update your blog’s visitors of the most recently posted blogs over your blog site & also carves path for them to subscribe to your feed so that they receive notifications of your recent blog posts in their RSS feed reader.

Submitting your RSS Feed URL along with the recently updated content over a handpicked list of RSS feed directories does the job perfect for you. Ideal use of RSS Feeds & Subscriptions triples your blog’s traffic volume & branding.


Put yourself into the shoes of your site’s visitors. It’s very important to forecast or have good idea of what they need from your website, rather than what you want to convey them. Being more personal and avoiding a techy & nerdy interaction with them would be too good to engage them to your writing. Would you be interested in reading thesis reports in your spare time until & unless you are looking for ideas to complete your PhD? Though we deal with machines the human part in us should always be alive and the same should reflect in your writing as well.

Be helpful to them and let them know how you differ from your competitors. Focus on your core values & the innovative measures you had undertaken to improve the quality of your product/service. Convey the same to your readers and advise them to be one among your other beneficiaries. Never bore them with one single concept getting repeated again & again.

Care for them & yield their trust. 









This is another vital measure every blog writer should pay attention to. Writing the best content is very important, but equally important is showcasing it to the target people. Visibility of your blog over search engines is the real necessity of the hour. Make your blog pages unique. Even a mushy design can increase your blog pages’ bounce rate. Proper navigation & proper call to action are all elements of a successful blog page.

Key words:

Fix your keywords, right after you decide on the topic you are going to write. Verify the competition & traffic that the keywords drive globally/locally for a deeper insight. Have an advised density of keywords in your article with longer tails. Beware your keywords never saturate the content. i.e., NO OVER-OPTIMIZATION. 

Anchor texts:

Anchor texts are those phrases that are hyperlinked to reach a different webpage. The destination may be the same website or another website. These anchor texts should be carefully handled. Linking the phrase – “online shoes” to an online shoe store will earn penalty for your website. Opted for a longer tailed anchor text of the target keyword eliminates the fear of getting penalized. Linking to high profile websites will be (+)’s for you while linking to low grade sites end-up disasters from your side. Also too much interlinking of your blog content to the inner pages of your own site will be easily recognized by Google bots.


Tagging your content with the right keywords is equally important like the other procedures. Search engines direct online users towards your blog content only with reference to the tags you enter for your blog.

HOW to write beneficial blog content?

You may write blogs on your companies’ blog page or hire a good writer to do so. When you hire a blogger for your company make sure that you feed your expectations & thoughts you wish to share with your audience, perfect to them. Use very simple terms & be sure you details your posts. Your headlines are the tricky keys that urge people to read or close your content. A compelling & unique headline which summarizes what you have got for the reader in the blog, does half the job perfect for you. Make the main attraction of your Blog as the headline.


Are you planning to publish blogs on a yearly, quarterly or bimonthly basis? Then just quit

Yes, I mean it. Please be dedicated enough to update your blog page daily/once in two days or at least once in a week, to enjoy the real benefit of Blog promotion & Marketing. Google instantly indexes your content only when you update your page frequently on a smaller interval. The chances of you getting on top of SERPs for your target keywords also will be getting a top priority. 


Blogs are also an effective content SEO tool to know customer views nowadays. The comments they post for your blog posts gets you a thorough idea of the opinion they have on your product or service.

Also remember that corporate blogs are not only meant for customers. They also convey better concepts & ideas to your employees as well. Sharing your acquired knowledge & spreading them to others helps the organization acquire a collective benefit. 


Social Bookmarking one key forms to increase your Blog posts’ credibility & social reach. Placing the right information at the right place through a proper channel always provide guaranteed benefits. Likewise, engaging in LinkedIn discussion groups & other Q/A sites & forums related to your industry drives in added quality links & increased visitors to your site. Instead of linking your website’s service/ product pages directly in these third party channels, you can always link the discussions with your blog posts, which indirectly leads the reader towards your service pages. This forms a three way content marketing channel, rather than a two-way or direct linking or PROMOTIONAL attempt.

Blog Directory Submission

Blog Directory Submissions are yet another wise way to gain high profile links. But this should never be a regular mass automated procedure that you do in casual manner. Submitting your blogs to top blog directories is a mean procedure where-in you drive-in reliable and trusted links to your site and they call it natural SEO. I say this technique to be one such similar indispensable blog promotion procedures like RSS feeds & social bookmarking.

How do you think you are going to surprise your corporate blog page? Make it popular, helpful, and catchy which drives traffic. Overwhelm with joy seeing the improvement.

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