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Remember the old days when content marketing mainly just referred to writing an article and submitting it to a handful of article directories? Today article directories are the last places that anyone would look in terms of content marketing

Content marketing is still the back bone of search engine optimization. “Google came up with the Panda update and even the panda loves fresh content.” The concept of using unique content to promote a website has not changed much. But there are several other stuffs that have changed with content marketing. Several SEO companies in India and over the seas are in constant research to maximize the effectiveness of content marketing. If you voice out the minds of all these SEO researchers, you would hear it out loud, “It is not just the content that you write makes the difference but where you choose to publish it.” According to our team of researchers of at Submitinme.com, it is not just choosing the best spot to publish any of your content but focus on specific content related websites. “For instance let’s say you have an article which is a ‘How to’ type of content or step by step instructions. There is no point in creating a Google Knol or a Social media blog post out of it. That type of content should be published in sites such as Ehow and instructables”.

Based on our research, here are a few examples of “What Content Goes Where”
These are a few examples for targeted publishing. Now you may wonder why the article directories are not widely used. Simple, because article directories are not much of targeted publishing. You can publish almost articles on any topic and with an overload of articles; readers are all out of the article directories.

This doesn’t mean that article directories have become obsolete for effective search engine optimization. There are niche oriented article directories, country specific article directories and much more where targeted content publishing could be performed.

So here, a new concept in content marketing is born - We call it Targeted Content Publishing”

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