Part - II

Subash aka has posted a thread on press release services in which he have bumped, posted bogus testimonial and cheating everyone with the help of his wife Anusha aka anushaforum and other associates. We expose the scams here. He has contacted several of the members either using the brand name of or comparing his low quality services with that of’s services.

To start with, Subash has bumped the thread on the very first page with his associates sivalinksale and usinfoways. This may sound familiar; yes these are the same guys who bumped earlier into Subash’s another associate deadlychaos25.

It’s a shame that we were not much aware of what was going on around us, but after the investigation we are shocked to see the damage done by Subash and his associates. While Legal Actions are under way, It is our responsibility to expose this fraud to you.


"I need one 125 press release submission with this speacial offer. Will you provide? "


"Special offer now available? me taking 2 orders press release submission only for my finance sites.

Another bogus testimonial from usinfoways


"Great press release submission services quality work. I got google index my site search too,I invite all friends strongly...."

Another associate sujalinksale bumping the thread.


"Great offer Now take 2 order 60 package waiting for the pm.

Here comes Anusha, aka anushaforum who is the wife of Subash and faking as a buyer. These people are committed to fraud cheating everyone, making a low quality service look like the best service. I wonder how the mods allowed them to do this for so long.

This is the topmost fraud I have ever come across. Subash himself has bumped the thread with his very own name subash.cr80 .This is outrageous as he thinks that no one will find out this simple fact or he thinks himself as intelligent and others will be stupid enough not to notice him bumping his own thread. Here is what he says.


"Any 10 order Special offer 125 Press Release Submission + Press Release Writing available?
How much time taken 10 orders?
Please sent PM"

Bumping thread again and providing bogus testimonials.


"Quality PR submission services.
I was used PR services 5 times.
I got good results my website.
Now I take one more order.
Thanks" 158

Here comes Sivalinksale again

“125 Press Release Submission. I am interested in 125 Press Release Submission .Please let me know the discount if i buy the bulk.”

Here is how Rojaseo aka Subash scams though IMs

quogger, who has joined digital point only to expose this spammer.

“So, you're so desperate for customers you have to spam people on Skype?”

faithnomoread has been spammed by Rojaseo aka Subash

“Don't spam my personal yahoo messenger”

See how Subash spammed faithnomoread through yahoo messenger

“Yes, he spammed me with a link to another forum selling his work.”

Here is Sivalinksale again as usual with a fake testimonial

I would like to provide the review for your previous service which you have provided, It was really good and fast service.I am planning to place two more order next week.


Note: Obviously you can see, Sivalinksale is only for providing testimonials and bumps.

After Apr 16th 2010, this thread lacked responses and lost visibility. And yes; as you guessed, “anushaforum” who is familiar – wife of Subash gives the needed bump to the thread by posting a fake enquiry as a buyer. (You would have noticed the same activity done before by the associates of Subash.)

“Now special offer 125 press release submission available ??”

We understand that this fraud network doesn’t conclude with Subash or Deadlychaos25 and so this war of fighting the frauds and scammers of the SEO industry isn’t over. In fact we aren’t resting and we are continuing our investigation on this, along with the help of third parties. We will be back with more fraud and scam reports as and when we uncover them. What makes us feel worried is to see a reputed forum (digital point) of the SEO industry letting fraudsters like Subash aka subashcr80 aka spam the forum and use one of the best platforms for SEO business just to cheat consumers.

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