Deep linking in Videos, Any good for SEO?

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Youtube recently added the deep linking feature for its Videos. So is it going to help you in SEO?

youtube.jpgFinally Youtube have implemented the most wanted feature, deep linking in a video. This is similar to the internal anchor of a web page. A Couple of years back one of our Fortune 5000 client inquired if I could find any company in India who can design such a system and offer a search based on the internal segments of a video.Unfortunately we could not find the suitable company. Now after two years Youtube have managed to do a part of it.

The linking have to be done manually 100%. Of course you can use the tools from Youtube or other third parties but the linking has to be done manually. They follow the below standard


# - Internal link
m - minute
s - second


The big question is will it help users find a video they are searching for?
Is it good on the part of SEO?

The answer is a big No. While this may save your time from slicing a video into parts and uploading individually, It is not going to help users find your videos. The reason is Earlier we used to slice a video into parts and upload to Youtube with respective titles / descriptions. Youtube index the Title/Description/tags and use them for the searches. So if a video is about "duplicate content", "Paid Links" and "Subdomain" it will be sliced into 3 videos and uploaded with 3 different titles and descriptions.

Video - 1 "Title : Duplicate content and SEO", "Desc: 10 tips to avoid duplicate content"
Video - 2 "Title : Paid Links and SEO","Desc: Google is discounting paid links, paid reviews et"
Video - 3 "Title : Subdomain issues in SEO", "Desc: Are Subdomains useful for SEO?"

Now since You have an option to link to a particular section of the video you may upload the single video with a Title and Description. This will reduce the probability of your video showing up on the results for related search terms. Deep Linking may be useful in some cases like twitter or emailing your client on a specific place in the video but certainly it is not advisable to upload your video as a whole.

There is a solution to this, if Youtube can come up with Multiple title/desc for certain  time intervals in the video then it would work. say if a video is 10 minutes you should be allowed at least 5 different title descriptions along with the start time of every section.

01m30s - Paid links, desc..
04m31s -Subdomain, desc..

I hope Google will look into this and make the necessary changes. We have requested this to Matt Cuts on his Blog. I would like to hear your opinions on this.

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