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Chat Bot developmentTechnology offers new curios for its consumers every day. Out of these, some of them just become trends, where as some cause a revolution, for example, Facebook & Snapchat. You can never predict what will happen next. Ultimately, it is getting more ROI in a limited duration with lower overheads. Chat Bot development is hitting the skies in this perspective!

What Does the Statistics Reveal About Chat bots?

Hubspot Research says:

  • “63% of consumers worldwide are already using artificial intelligence based tools without realizing it.”
  •  “57% of consumers are interested in getting information from bots when browsing a business website.”
  • “47% of consumers would buy items from a chatbot.”
  • “37% would buy items from Facebook.”

DRIFT, the leading research institute in the field of sustainability transitions says:

  • “27% of consumers mentioned that they would buy a basic item through a chatbot.”
  • “15% of consumers have communicated with a business via a chatbot in the past 12 months.”

Infographic on Chatbots

What are Chat bots?

Chatbot is the latest sensation in the world of Digital Marketing that has captured the attention of all marketing experts. This has turned into a standard way for enterprises to engage with their buyers.

Chatbot runs on software, which is programmed to carry out actions on its own.  In short, you can personalize it to do, what you want it to do. This can save a lot of time and help the tasks get completed very effectively, if you program it right with a Chatbot development Company.

Bots are easy to program and they are usually cheap to set up. There are still a lot of possibilities yet to be explored, and now is the right time to incorporate bots as a part of your digital marketing strategy, if can get it done with the best chatbot provider.

Here are a few reasons as to why your website should get acquainted with Chat bots:

1. For An Effective Communication – The most useful bot action! When a visitor visits your website, they might want instant answers on your products or services. If they can’t find the relevant answers they might bounce and there are chances that they might not even come back.  Serving your prospective leads with the information they want, is a priority, bots can save a lot of time here.

You can put up a bot to model yourself on live chat and talk with your customers, offering them with relevant information without any delay. You don’t have to employ a human and worry about overheads again.

Chat Bots can offer effective visual content like images and videos to keep the visitors engaged.

The SIM Bot and Indian Scrap Bot are programmed to do just this way!

2. Bots Nurture Your Leads – Lead management is a tiring task and it requires a lot of nurturing. Now, bots can do it for you. But, it depends on the set of questions you program. These set of questions should be able to find where a customer is in the sales funnel. There are chances that your buyers might not even know that they are talking to a bot, if the questions are apt.

AI Based SIM Chatbot


This looks very common, and your users will be happy to interact with it. 

Your bot will handle the work of bringing the lead in and finding the accurate product or service for them.

Then you or your sales person can come in and close the deal. Easy as that!

3. Chat bots Have Better Open Rates – Messaging is the right way to interact with your consumers.  This is the area, where the Chat bots turn out to be highly successful, as they are highly interactive and offer immediate response in a simple way. People don’t have to wait for a long time to get their answers. Hence, they are better than an email. It asks questions in real-time and solves the problem straight away.

4. Integrating Bots with Messenger Aps & Social Media – Most mobile users are spending more time on apps like – Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Snapchat etc., and Social Media. Using these bots, in these platforms, allows the brands to interact personally with the buyers. More businesses are implementing the Chatbots to have a better engagement with the users and to improve the user experience with a leading chatbot development Company.

5. To Effectively Gather The Customer Data – Chat Bots are designed to understand human behavior. They can clearly get the customer insights like user location, type of device, browser which helps in customizing, which gradually converts the visitors to prospective leads.  The analytics acquired from bots will offer opportunity to delve into the data and provide a proper analysis.

Many brands have set up chat bots and have positively influenced the customer data (web habits & interests) to make personalized communication and offers for them.

  • ChatBot Is Your Virtual Sales Associate!
  • ChatBot Never Gets Annoyed With Repeated Sales Questions!
  • ChatBot Compels Your Customer to Respond Without Making Them Impatient!
  • The Data Gathered By Bot Is Efficient To Advance Your Customer Automatically in Sales Funnel!
  • Bots Can Always Take The First Step For You To Close Great Deals For You!

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