Does over optimization or keyword stuffing sink website to the bottom of Internet Ocean

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Keyword Stuffing

Unfortunately,every SEO professional is not aware of the excess keyword stuffing or over optimization of website which can sink a website rather than positioning the website to the top of search engine results. Because of this, SEO enthusiasts stuff keywords beyond the prescribed limit and it makes the website feeble to be found by search engine bots. For few, SEO is a game, they are not aware about the penalty they have to pay when they break a particular set of rules of search engine giants like Google, Yahoo and Bing. In majority of the cases the punishment is not quick rather it is severe and hard to rescue the website from the bottom of the internet sea.

Unintentionally,a person who is new to the SEO field can hurt your websites in eagerness to get instant results out of website promotion. Apart from the fact that SEO is a time consuming process one should not expect immediate results and if so you have a recipe for disaster.

Before you start to optimize any website, you have to identify the requirements you need from every search engines to fulfill the rules prescribed by them. It is always good to remain balanced so as to meet the requirements of all popular search engines, but a frequently held misconception among SEO experts is that they optimize websites so as to meet the rules of Google alone, they forget that Google is one more search engine which is at the highest level of competition at the present time. Always keep in mind not to limit your optimization for a particular search engine. For instance, do not try to optimize your website for Google alone but try to optimize your website for all popular search engines.Every search engine has its own algorithm and rules so performs SEO tactics balancing every search engines.

Apt format style can increase the effectiveness of keywords. At the same time, if the density of keyword is excess and if the keyword happens to appear indifferent formats including bold, underline, italics then search engine bot scan easily identify that you have over stuffed with that particular keyword.Needless to say, it appears to be ready made or manufactured rather than to be natural. Search engine spiders always love keywords which are stuffed in a natural way. If you feel difficult to add your keywords inside the article then it is good to include it in the resource box with hyperlink.

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