Does Twitter and Facebook exert influence on search engine results?

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Influence of Twitter and Facebook on search engine results

For longtime it has been doubted by SEO community, whether links shared on Facebook and Twitter affect SEO ranking on popular search engines like Google and Bing.Recently, these search engine giants have confirmed that SEO ranking and traffic depends upon the shared links and likes on Facebook and Twitter. Tricks of the trade change with time, now websites can be promoted through Facebook and Twitter along with the regular SEO technique.

Thanks to the affirmation given by Google and Bing, it gives web marketers and social media optimizers to move forward by sharing in Facebook and tweeting in Twitter.However, it is not a straight forward way (i.e.) it does not mean a website with more shares and links on Facebook can get positioned in top of search engine results. The actual fact is along with the regular SEO promotion it aids to improve the search engine ranking and boost traffic to website.

Ranking potential and social authority

Does Google calculate tweeting and sharing in a meaningful way? Umm…Who shares and tweets your content is more important than the number of people sharing or retweeting the content. Not to mention, a popular profile can easily help to market any website without difficulty.



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