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Google+ Pages Now Open For Businesses

Goolge PlusImage Branding is a very important tool for any company that aspires for visibility. Unless carefully propagated, the stand of a company could remain minimalist. Communication, as entrepreneurs report, is an eternally essential tool with which a business stays alive in today’s world. But vigorous multi-media commercial advertisements are not always possible far all as it involves hefty investments, and at times, less than expected returns, which has prompted more and more businesses to switch to a cheaper and easily accessible Plan B in the form of social networking sites.

What is a social networking site?

Social networking sites are online forums connecting people all across the world, which for any business can mean maximum possible exposure. Businesses may create a personal profile highlighting the USPs with information and pictures of products for better visibility and recognition along with details about how to reach you and can reach a huge audience through making requests online. Once you begin to do business in the social networking platforms, great marketing skills and improvisation can get you more than the expected returns and these social networking sites, competing against each other are upgrading techniques and ushering in new ways and means to do business, which is only getting better with each passing day. In this article we will focus on the credibility that Google + exercises as an effective business promotional tool.  

What is Google +?

Ever body is talking about GOOGLE +!! Now this is something that you have hardly missed. Even the Facebook addicts are slowly considering a shift which is not all unreasonable. Google + a topper amongst all networking sites have a bunch of special features that makes it easier to command and execute functions. Operation-wise it is fast and apt and ever expanding.

Google + for Business

The latest offering from Google, is the Google+ which was launched as a regular social forum, like Orkut and Facebook. However, the think-tank at Google, as always, wanted to provide users with a better value proposition and put themselves ahead of competition from Facebook in certain manners and one of the foremost priorities that was worked upon was how - Google+ can be a resourceful site for conducting business? And came up with these answers –
  • To render a utility tool, unconventional in the field.
  • To keep business ‘live’ and effectual
  • To increase connectivity through friends circle
  • To support ‘Odd hour’ deliverance
  • To make every business, interesting.

Features and functions

Google+ For BusinessReach the real people: Inorder to keep fakes and frauds away from with Google+ it offers a unique security-filter, which is remarkable. Therefore the possibility of faking an account is nil. This is a pertinent point that helps businessman conduct business in a channel with no fear of frauds. Here individuals can resort to face-to-face chat and also audio-pings. This feature is termed Hangout, like you do in real life. You can connect to as many as 9 people in a single click over video chat and conduct conference and project presentations anytime you want. Now isn’t this something exciting!

Creating groups: If you need to categorize and group the community around into friends, family, colleagues, clients etc. you can do so in Google+ and keep “shares” (conversation, video links, photo archives) private and non-declarative. You can as well write customized message and send it to specific groups with the assurance of privacy within the Google Circle. You can add people to your Google+ circle by dragging and dropping profiles to specific Circles. This is a convenient deal for businessmen as now they can send messages in chunks rather than to personal mail Ids.  

Spark it up: Another special feature of Google+ is that it enables free formation of custom categories like news, fashion, sports, business updates etc. this feature is called Sparkz. Just like making your own circles, you can as well create categories where you easily share your interests with like-minded people. The idea is to get connected to all those who might not yet be on your friends list yet share similar ‘likes’ and ’dislikes.’

Boost promotion: Another unique feature of Google+ is that you can enjoy the facility of ‘coverage link’ from all other Google sites which means that you will have the browser connecting you to other people who have no personal Google+ accounts. The channel is regulated as an automatic-encounter - a feature inspired much by Linkedin. So the exposure is rather wide and well-spaced. Now people can share your page on their lists without having to exit it which for a businessman converts into better marketing opportunities. This feature will come as an exclusive add-on to the site and has been tagged as Google+ Badge (Optional configurative tool).

Direct land-ups: Generally when we search for a specific company the search engine provides us with a list of options. Now an added advantage of using the ‘Plus technology’ is that it directly connects the audience to your official company site. This direct-connect setup helps avoid confusions and keeps visitors from wandering to other sites. This feature is termed as Google+ Direct connect. However to enjoy such an advantage you require to add your business site to your page and receive a qualification approval.   

Lobbying factor: One of the important elements that act as a stimulant to business promotion is lobbying. With the One-to-one connect, with which you can connect to many others through Google+ increasing the possibility to generate huge business networking opportunities. Just as Google+ member might garner friends from all over the world, for a business house, it an essential way of increasing the customer base.

As of yet, no other networking site has introduced such means of connecting to others for business or for pleasure, while Google offers a great means to help you kick start your business in ‘ready-made’ manner. However it is very important to consider two factors that may affect your business ratings:
  • Whether it is commercially viable?
  • Whether your business actually qualifies for the net audience?
Work on your choices and remember that such opportunities would only instigate tougher competitions in business world. Organize your tools and build a strategy before you hit the market. Promotions through social networking sites require consistency, so never fail to keep followers updated on your business. As of now, the site accommodates over 40 million users and it is hoped that it will only get bigger and better with time. If you are looking for an expert help to create your Google Plus Business Page you can hire Google business plus services offered by SIM.

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