When online advertising became the ultimate choice, marketers tried to pull in maximum amount of traffic to their websites by any possible means

Thus Banners Ads & Pay per Click Advertisement reigned the online marketing world with their ability to immediately lure target audience into the website.  But with the dominance of mobile apps, Social media advertising has become the new king of the online advertising.

It was in May 2005 that Facebook launched its first advertising option. Back then nobody would have predicted that their social media advertising revenue would reach $16.29 billion in 2015, just ten years later.

Facebook Advertising


The rise of Mobile Internet Usage

With total activity on smartphones and tablets accounting for 60% of digital media time spent in the U.S., the mobile internet usage has skyrocketed to an all-time high. Statista.com estimates that there will be 2.13 billion social network users around the globe by 2016 and 145.9 million mobile social network users in the US alone.

rise of Mobile Internet Usage


Your customers are already checking their social apps multiple times a day with their handy smart devices. So advertising through these apps shall be the best way to reach them without being disruptive. And that makes it an undeniable fact that Social Media Advertising is the next big trend in the industry.

The decline of Banner Ads

The increasing usage of mobile internet and social apps has negatively impacted the Banner Ads. Rather than investing in some ads that appear on the side of the page, advertisers prefer to use the ads that appear on the social feeds of the users. Thus Social Media Ads gained popularity over the Banner Ads

The paid search is a great source of traffic to your website based on users’ search query. But there are instances where no significant keyword best fit your business is available or those available costs huge money. And what if a business just wants to create brand awareness without any user intent? In such cases, paid advertising can be considered as only marginally effective.

Rather than reactively targeting users who search for you, Social media Ads proactively targets relevant users without any search query. This is where Social Advertising proved its effectiveness as they help businesses find new potential clients based on users’ own shared information to identify interest. By identifying the customers’ interests Facebook reaches them and achieve your campaign goals with its Advanced Targeting Options.

A Case of Success

Here’s a case that demonstrates how SubmitInme Facebook campaigning significantly improved the Social Reach of a weight loss clinic based in Texas, Texas Centre for Medical and Surgical Weight Loss during the period of Sep 11th – Oct 11th, 2015.

By using the mobile & desktop news feed, they targeted the people of Texas who are looking for weight loss surgery with in the age group 18 to 65. The interested they focused were Bariatric, Obesity Awareness, Stomach, Weight Loss, Weight Management & Dieting with just an ad budget of $5 per day for Website Clicks.

Case of Success


In a month, with a minimal Adspend of just $149.99 a month they reached 12,071 people and got 86 website clicks. The cost per website click was $1.74 and this is a low rate considering the nature of the business and the profit they make with each conversion.

In another campaign for Website Conversions, they spent $219.67 during the same period.

Website Conversions


This campaign helped them reach 8,846 socialites and yielded 4 website conversions. The cost per conversion is just $54.92, which means to earn a client who spends thousands of dollars they had to spend only $54.92. Profitable Indeed!

You might wonder how it is possible to yield such good results. With the right audience, right campaigning and the right Ad placement, it is possible!  SubmitInme’s carefully planned Ad strategy for Texas Centre along with creative Ads and the right Ad placement made it all.

All said, content played the most vital role. It’s an attractive content that turns back the customers to looks at your ads. Multiple versions of the same Ad were created and tested to see which performs the best, out of which the best version was selected and used for the Ads. So, the content is again the King! And with the right Call-to-action, you can easily get the users to click on it. Kevan Lee in his blog, The 7 Hidden Factors of the most effective Social Media Ads also says what major role the Ad Creatives play.

This trending online advertising technique employs a lot of advanced techniques that help users precisely target the right audience.

Some of the advanced targeting options available in Facebook are:

Custom Targeting:

Targeting with a list of known users with their email addresses, phone numbers, users’ IDs, or usernames.

Custom Targeting

Lookalike targeting:

 A great tool to acquire new customers through social media advertising. The audience base from the custom targeting can be replicated and expanded with users who share similar interests.

Sofia Zab of Driftrock.com explains how to use the Custom/look-alike targeting options for maximum effectiveness in her blog A step by Step Guide to High-Converting Facebook Ads - Lookalike Audiences Advertising

Connection targeting:

 People who are connected to you by your page, app, group, or event can be targeted by this form of targeting.

Behavioural targeting:

 This type of targeting helps you to reach the target audience based on their previous user behaviour like, device usage, purchase behaviour/purchase intent

These advance targeting options promises increased chances of finding the relevant audience based on their own interests and activities. Beating around the bush with a few keywords that costs hundreds of bucks to bid on isn’t not your thing anymore.

Types of Ad Campaigns in Facebook

Page Likes: These Ads mainly focus to get more page likes from your website visitor, email subscribers and the fans of similar/related pages. This can be the best choice if you are looking to generate Social brand awareness

Post Engagement: This type of Ad can be used if you are mainly focusing on promoting your posts. It helps you get more like, shares, comments, etc. and make your content go viral

Website Click: This is to drive more traffic to your website from Social Media

Website Conversion: This Ad is specifically used to get leads from Social Media. This redirects users to your website and gets them to complete a Call-to-action

Video Engagement: When you have posted a promotional video on your Facebook page, these ads helps to make them viral and get more audience engagement in the form of likes, shares, comments, etc.

App Installs: This can be used if your campaign goal is to get more people download your apps.

Local Awareness Creation: This is really useful if you are a Local Biz owner looking to create brand awareness among your customers.

Facebook Re-marketing that will improve your ROI

Facebook Ads also allow you to remarket to the people who have already visited your website with its Custom Audience targeting. So if a customer who visited your website didn’t perform the desired action, like buying a product or making an enquiry, you can easily target them with Facebook Remarketing.

This way you are increasing the chances of conversion as you are targeting only people who are genuinely interested and you can be assured that the money you are spending is not in vain. Also, the cost involved for Facebook remarketing ads is really less when compared to the Search Engine ads.

Facebook Remarketing


All you have to do is install the Facebook pixel on your website, a tracking code given by Facebook, to capture all the visitors. You can choose to target based on the actions they performed, may be visitors who visited a certain page on your site or the ones who added a product to the shopping cart but didn’t make the purchase. Then you can set when and how to show your ads to these visitors when they are on Facebook.

While remarketing to specific customers intentionally, you end up sharing the same Ad with a lot of users who are not your custom audience. Wonder how? While you remarket to those who are interested, it is more likely that they will comment on your ad, hit like or even share it on their page. This way the Ad will be shown to all the users who are connected to them. An added advantage, of course!

Conversion Measurement

So after setting up the Facebook Adverts and starting to manage it effectively, you will need to see the performance of each Ads and the results they produced. This is where the Conversion tracking pixel comes to help the Advertisers.

Conversion Measurement


A conversion is desired action that your audience takes on your website like buying a product, signing up or registering. So a conversion tracking pixel is installed on the webpage where the conversion is supposed to happen. When a user clicks on the ad and reaches your website, the pixel will monitor the actions performed by the visitor. Thus you get to know how well your campaign is performing and what works best.

And the bigger Picture!

Over 50% of B2B marketers have ranked Social media as a low cost Ad option. It is estimated that Social Media Ads generated revenue of a whopping $23.68 billion in 2015. Twitter’s Ad revenue reached $513 million in the third quarter of 2015, this accounted to a 60% increase from the previous year. Around 80% of the total revenue came from Mobile Advertising.

Facebook’s mobile advertising revenue represents a 73% increase from the last year and a 7% decline in the desktop ad revenue. This clearly states that Facebook’s Mobile Ads are going to see an all-time high in the upcoming days. So Social Mobile Advertising is going to be a cash cow for marketers.

Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg said “Marketers come to Facebook because we have best performing mobile ads of any platform, It’s not just the mass reach but better cross-device targeting and measurement than any other platform.” reports Venture beat.

So when you next decide to grow your business via online marketing, make Facebook advertising your winning strategy. To know more about Facebook Advertising, visit http://www.submitinme.com/social/social-media-advertising.aspx


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