‘Graph search’, may OR may not be a game changer. But it’s worth we change


Google cracks all possible ways taking Google plus up to the next level. Their solid efforts even included linking Google+ with SEO. Google simply said – “You want Google search rankings? Go join Google+ & try to use it more than Facebook.” The second line is not exactly what they said. But that is what they meant.

Mark Zuckerberg should have been compelled to launch a quick & effective tool over his platform, which diverts people from the good growing Google+ towards Facebook. Hence was launched the “Graph search” - A cute feather added to the social network king – Facebook’s hat.

How does SEO foresee the new search engine

Marketers benefit a lot out of ‘Graph search’, and more specifically locally targeting business owners. People who search for places like restaurants or movie halls at their local, your brand should be available with updated status. Graph search is not available in mobile. Can you guess the effect it creates once mobile option is on? Yes, a wide reach. Business owners should pay attention to their about us page, check for main keywords placement over the appropriate fields. Also, Facebook Ad placement should occupy a main role in displaying results for a query. The click through rate each ad receives also should be a main factor in displaying results. Here there are two different angles to cover. Once is to take care of your data-feed OR engagement with your fans, how well you spread the uniqueness of your business. The other would be how often or how well you advertise over Facebook.

Recruiting firms should benefit a lot out of this feature, as demonstrated by Facebook during the launch. How come if the candidate has no Facebook account OR if he has no interest updating his Facebook profile. 

Fake Followers & Likes – Version 2 – To be released soon

facebook-searchFacebook had been flooded with fake likes and followers, mass manufactured in huge quantities at “social media influence factories”. Facebook managed to filter out and throw all of those likes & accounts that it had spotted fishy OR inactive, in the recent past. When we sighed a relief looking at our actual list of followers & likes, comes Zuckerberg with his ‘Graph search’, which hastily encourages all FAKES. Brand name & influence over Facebook, when it deeply depends on the engagement & fan activity, marketers will mindlessly approach those FAKE factories for the second round.

Graph Search – Lower range & Ratty signal

The problem lies in the “Like” factor. Do “Like” & “Real Sentiment” takes parallel route? How do we rely on the decisions of people whom we only know, or have only seen once? It’s not necessary that people share truth over a social media platform. If your circle of friends is too very small, comprising just 15. How about ‘Graph search’ benefits for you in such cases? The search is done based on key terms. And the incorporation of Bing results by the side is a real asset. When you search for a place, the Bing map that lies by the side helps you locate each pace that returns in the results page, zooming in.

Disappointing is when we get wrong results. My friend Roni had updated her photos taken at KFC, tagging it “Pictures at KFC”. When I searched for the key phrase – “My friends who like KFC”, I found Roni among the results, giving a weird look at the nuggets. She is a PETA supporter and a vegetarian. This is the part where Facebook needs to upgrade its social search algorithm naming it “Falcon Update – Version 1.0”.

So you think all of their free add-ons are for free? No, they eye on your investment over ad campaigns. If you need to rank better, you necessarily got to invest, & spend time polishing your Facebook business page to reap a humpty profit.

Varied opinions & comments posted on TechCrunch

  • It's not what creepiness that will kill graph search - it'll be spammers. Targeted messaging spam will be so much easier now.
  • Not really true. Facebook monitors messaging tightly, so they'll tweak the abuse filters more and more. The Search functions are really useful and make much more sense. Now we can use Facebook for Social Networking finally!
  • "not sharing your likes on Facebook is now a selfish act because you’re depriving humanity of your own humble contribution, insights, knowledge, tastes and so on." I totally agree with this, since it helps recommendation engines. I just wish I was able to supply my "I like this" data anonymously. Then I'd get accurate recommendations, plus privacy.
  • If you behave as well-intentioned human been, you should not fear any search. IF people are creeped out by the graph search, probably they don't and forget whatever goes on the internet stay there (including snapshots of snapchat's messages).

Future of ‘Graph search’ if proven for excellence

This effort turns great when people utilize it in the most honest and productive manner. People updating their Facebook profiles regularly, displaying good photos, messages & comments over it, all will be great. When privacy is tagged with a social tag, private information will remain safe. But how many of the users think the same or behave so. This new feature is just a starting of a whole new social search engine era. Though Twitter & Google plus executives strain themselves to spot errors with the Graph search, after the initial spike falls slowly, they too will cautiously adopt this same cool feature into their social platforms, never letting them being inferior among the rest.


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