After “News Feed” & “TimeLine”, “Graph Search” will be Facebook’s Third Pillar

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO announced the launch of the much anticipated new Facebook Graph Search. Information that a person is already privileged to view over his/her Facebook account is been analyzed, compiled, sorted and presented in a much effective way. Your valuable time is saved in addition to the happiness you experience while viewing the clubbed results at the expense of a single click. Facebook

Note: Graph Search is entirely different from Web Search.

You get an answer to the question – “People who like cycling and are from my hometown”, via Facebook now. Isn’t that cool!















Mark wanted to make Facebook searchable covering four main topics:

  • people
  • photos
  • places
  • interests

At the Disrupt SF 2012, Mark had already revealed his plans on building their own search engine and how his team works with the instinct of surprising his users and fans doing so. He opined,

“Facebook is pretty uniquely positioned to answer the questions people have. At some point we’ll do it. We have a team working on it.”

How people were excited to hear such a revelation thought this should be a game changer, and now it’s REALITY!

What I felt as a real highlight regarding this Graph Search is the simplicity of queries that we ask for. For example:


  • “Friends who live in my city”
  • “People from my hometown who like hiking”
  • “Friends of friends who have been to Yosemite National Park”
  • “Software engineers who live in San Francisco and like skiing"
  • "People who like things I like"
  • "People who like tennis and live nearby"


  • “Photos I like”
  • “Photos of my family”
  • “Photos of my friends before 1999”
  • "Photos of my friends taken in New York"
  • “Photos of the Eiffel Tower”


  • “Restaurants in San Francisco”
  • “Cities visited by my family”
  • "Indian restaurants liked by my friends from India"
  • “Tourist attractions in Italy visited by my friends”
  • “Restaurants in New York liked by chefs"
  • "Countries my friends have visited"


  • “Music my friends like”
  • “Movies liked by people who like movies I like”
  • "Languages my friends speak"
  • “Strategy games played by friends of my friends”
  • "Movies liked by people who are film directors"
  • "Books read by CEOs"

Facebook Business Page Set-up Advantage

When people start exploring the world through ‘Graph Search’ starting today what would you become if you don’t have a Facebook Business Page? Cab you guess the impact?

Can you hover over the page to reach the sub-header labeled – “Places”?

The best way to locate the finest restaurant at a location is suggested using Graph search. This is never delimited to restaurants, but applies to all sorts of businesses starting from Gym to Music Band that target local customers on to a global level.

Moving forward local businesses have to be more serious in creating a Facebook business page immediately, increase social engagement, and update their timeline while being regular in posting news updates, thereby gaining more visitors and business visibility.

Facebook Graph results feature sponsored results, definitely a challenge to Google. See below. This should beef up your business for sure.











Mark Little (Principal Analyst, Ovum) opined to BBC, “I think probably people were looking for something a little bit more strategic. On the plus side I think it's going to help drive connections within the network between individuals and between companies and pages. If you are increasing connections between friends and pages you are effectively increasing the reach of advertisers.”

Right now the facility is available only in the beta mode. Zuckerbery shared that the access will be rolling out very slowly, yet “We're going to put an encouragement on the home screen of everyone's account so that everyone has the chance to look through these tools. We're going to do this before graph search is fully rolled out.”

Please post your opinion on Graph Search.

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