Possibility of Google Walking into a Storm; Yet Promises of a Better User Experience Remain!

Google's dominance in the internet world for years has been the envy of its competitors but nothing much has been done to pose a serious threat to call any a 'competition.' Inspite of that, one reason why Google has shown such hastiness in rolling out as much new service updates across its product ranges in the last few months of 2011 might be to create more space and time to arm itself for some of the most important events for the company in the coming year. Here I have come up with some of which may matter most to Google and to us in 2012.

1. Google Prepares To Stand Its Ground

Google Stand Its Ground

Notwithstanding competitors in 2012, Google will be fighting a battle of a different kind on a different ground- this time, against the US and European Union regulators, lawmakers, and judges who will be investigation Google for allegedly abuse of power as the Top Dog of Internet search. Google, sued by Microsoft, Oracle, Apple and similar other companies is facing investigation both domestically and abroad for charges ranging from unfair manipulation of search results to patent violations in the Android mobile operating system. If Google gets slapped, it could mean restrictions and regulations on the way search results are generated from there on. So even as Google will be building its defense against the suing companies, there could be more to expect from Google by its users in 2012.

2. User Intended, Socially Prompted Searches

Google Plus

In 2012, Google is aiming to become the answer itself to some search queries than providing links to other sites that have answers. While it already can predict the nearest possible searcher queries even before the query is typed in, Google intends to do more than just that which is evident with functions like weather forecasts, Flight search and answers to mathematical equations. Bradley Horowitz, of Google+ recently said, "We've shipped the 'Plus,' now we're beginning to ship the 'Google,'"  - which simply means ambitions of Google+ exists beyond just creating the social networking platform.

In future, Google aims to create more tools that would anticipate searchers' needs without them having to explicitly ask each and every time. With a focus on creating user solutions that matter, Google will be bringing together Google products and technologies like Google+, YouTube, and videoconferencing, in addition to integrating Google properties with the Android mobile and operating through it. As Google+ gets to learn more about its users, the more it can translate that information into more relevant solutions and Google will be making use of the knowledge gleaned from those on the social network to make search more relevant.

3. Android Fragmentation Not to Affect Effects

Google Android

Google Android has beaten both BlackBerry and Apple's iOS as the most widely used smartphone OS and there never is a issue with fragmentation until one version of an Android cannot run a newly developed application or can't be upgraded to the latest version. But as with several new device makers tweaking the OS to fit the device's needs, the user experience and usability between devices vary. In the I/O conference held in May 2011, Google acknowledged the challenge and assured to work with manufacturers and wireless carriers to develop guidelines to help get updates to devices more quickly. But when? - is the big question and the answer could be in 2012.

4. Chrome Heads Straight for IE Flipping Firefox

Chrome Overtakes Firefox

Google Chrome, created a bit of commotion with it eating into Firefox's market share in November 2011 and is looking ahead to draw users of IE. With Chrome being touted as one of the fastest growing browsers among users, there is more to expect in the near future. This could prove to be very crucial for Google in 2012 as it gives the company the ability to push its newly rolled out and emerging web technologies with better integration through its other products and platforms. Moreover, Google has been encouraging developers to create Web apps for Chrome which users can get through the Chrome Web store. With Chrome on the upsurge, there is more to expect from all sister products and combined, Google could pose a serious threat to IE.

Nobody can predict for sure what Google can come up with - both at the user front or through the legal proceedings as it has always maintained its position of looking down at competition and providing the best user experience on the web inspite of its failed product lists. We can only expect 2012 to be even more exciting and satisfying for the searcher or user of Google products as Google is never short of new ideas and innovations though it might be a different story with the investigators, which we hope not. Nevertheless, here's wishing a happy journey for Google in 2012 and beyond.

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