A step by step manual that explains the process of revoking Google manual and algorithmic penalty.

Google penalty recovery and prevention

Year 2013 was a year of Google manual and algorithmic penalties. Many websites that did well in the SERPs lost their ranking overnight and hit the absolute bottom. For websites those had their majority traffic from Google suffered unimaginable revenue loss. Aggressive link building, link buying and swapping and cheap tactics used in building links by few so-called SEO agencies has led to many sites disappearing from search results altogether.

Many webmasters sadly saw their sites sinking and sinking deep down into the darkness of SERPs and had no idea whatsoever to get their rank back. Whether it may be algorithmic penalty or a more serious manual action, it needs a well organized and sequential step by step action to revoke penalties and to gain the lost rank. With the experience of revoking manual and algorithmic penalties to hundreds of sites, we have prepared this e-book which sheds light on the types of penalties and their action and outlines a step by step procedure to revoke these penalties.

This e-book sells for $14 in Amazon and it’s free here in our website.

What’s inside?

  • What is a Penalty?
  • Types of Penalties
  • The Left, Right and Centre of Algorithmic Penalties
  • Google Manual Penalty explained
  • Symptoms and Diagnosis of Penalties
  • The Cure and Aftermath
  • Prevention of Future Penalties
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