From PC Screens to our Eyes - Google Glass Project Redefines Search and Social, Yet Again!

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Google came into our lives, captured millions of PC screens, then followed its reign on mobile and tablets; now prepare yourself to get UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL with Google's newest produce - Google Glass.

Project Google Glass has been under covers for sometime now; finally it is out in the open. Of course this is not a news for the launch of the product, but it is more of a publicized projection of the Google Glass technology in the form of pictures and videos to test how it is received midst the general public. However, it is up for an early launch at the end of this year, so is what is heard. Google is going out of its way to make itself a part of our lives in the '24/7 hands-free mode' much like what you might have seen as a kid in fiction movies like Star Trek.

Google Project Glass

The project was started by a group from Google called the GoogleX that had key contributions from Babak Amir Parviz, McMorrow Innovation Associate Professor, also a Google employee. Also part of the Project Glass RnD group are Steve Lee and Sebastin Thrun, amongst whom Steve Lee has been involved in the Google mapping and other location tracking aspects of the Google Glass project. The three GoogleX employees are eager to find out what the public thinks about this project and are open to feedbacks, the main reason behind this pre-release of the Project Glass. It is not surprising to know but nevertheless interesting that this mobile gadget is also powered by Android mobile platform. The potential uses of the glass is creatively putforth with a video that you can watch below.

Although, Google has released pictures of a black and a white frame that have the Google Glass Project on the right-eye side and this design may have variations in future. It would be anticipated that Google produce normal looking sunglasses that does not drive unwanted attention to the wearer of this newest augmented reality-view computing system. 

The glass only currently boasts of functions like Google maps, video chat, snapshot photography, video capture, Google+ functions and so on. Would this also be a place for Google search in future; is a question left unanswered. Imaginations do run wild with an equipment this forward. To top this, it is also learnt that GoogleX's Parviz is running models of tiny contact lenses with applied concepts of bionanotechnology that can display pixels of the view in front of the eye. Rounds of another news on one such contact lens project from the same GoogleX lab may also allow detect medical conditions of the eye by analyzing the tear fluids. It would then be sent for medical analysis wirelessly, a concept that just might be really helpful after aggressive use of reality view of the Google Glass. 

We already have mixed views of the Project Glass at SIM itself where one says this would be really helpful to get rid of hand-dependent computing technologies the other argues that this might prove to be additional interference with our realities and face-to-face interactions that already is in the verge of extinction since the onset of mobile internet. 

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