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Fun SEO Infographic 2012

Divya Fernando

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We (SEO) all have shades of grey. Nobody is purely black or white. Have a look at this interesting SEO Game Infograph courtesy Subtlenetwork

TheBigWhiteHat SEO.jpg
Just like every human has a shade of grey in them, SEOs also can never be classified as pure white-hat. It is the intent that matters. Whether or not SEOs are genuine and honest with you or just want to show you a glossy picture of your website's shiny page#1 ranking future, really matters.

Choosing SEO companies can be a pain, in this day and age. I have written this post about it in the recent past. But no matter what anyone says, it boils down to one fact that - SEO is a GAME! A game that is hard to master in the long term but sure is manageable if you play it wise. 

Besides, it does not end with SEO; SEO is just the first step. Turning your web visitors into buyers or subscribers is the next level in this game. For this weekend, I would like you to have some fun reading a dramatic visual tour on this rather mindfully created infographic by SubtleNetwork

SEO the Game by Subtle Network Design

SEO The Game Infographic © 2012 Subtle Network

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