Tips to enhance your ad copy for optimizing PPC

A rightly crafted ad-copy is essential for all businesses looking to create the first impression and bringing in exploring customers. The ad-copy determines whether the customer clicks on your advertisement or moves on to other options. PPC ad-copies are a unique marketing tool in being limited to 95 characters (25 for heading and 35 for descriptions) with Google Adwords. However, this limited tool has been working wonders for several businesses.

Writing a strategic ad copy can however be a daunting job. This is also the reason that some PPC marketers can put in a consistently better performance than their competitors. The idea is about being able to put all the important information into those 95 characters and without losing the flow or compromising the content quality. Delivering a good ad-copy requires understanding both the technical aspects and reaching out to the customer on an emotional level. Further, after putting in a search query, it is just a glance that will make the customer take the next step in making the purchase. It is just this few seconds that you need to focus on. Try understanding what the end user might be looking for, what words or phrases will be on his mind while searching for a service or product. if you are ready to put in some extra effort into making your ad copy strong, here are some effective tips for you.

Using Keywords in the Copy

This point might seem to be fundamental, but there are many businesses that have failed to integrate the right keywords into their ad copy and as a result lost out on opportunities. If you are working with an inexperienced service provider, he will be using generic ads as opposed to creating unique titles and descriptions revolving around your keywords. Generic ad copies are just short cuts and never help. Using them will not just lower your quality score but you will fail to grab the attention of your target users.

Strong Call to Action

A good advertisement is one that integrates a strong call to action as they don’t just guide end users to the website but influence their purchase decision. Whether you want the end users to check out your website, your products, subscribe to your newsletters or go for a purchase, it should have been hinted in the ad copy itself. Ad copies can even include ad extensions (one line form submissions) or site links that influences the audience to spend more time looking at your ad. A strong call to action also makes your advertisement generate more traffic than generic ad copies.

Highlighting your USP

Think like a normal customer and try to gauge the decision making factors that influence customer decision making. One should be able to see/hear something special, something unique to proceed with the product. Otherwise, there would be hundreds of equal competitors and the customer may not choose your ad. An ad copy is the best place to highlight the USP of your products/services. This is the first chance for you to build an image about your brand – whether it is affordable, whether it provides unique discounts, whether it offers a free delivery, etc. there should be something that makes your brand unique from close competitors and it is this competitive advantage that will help you earn your place as a leader in the market. Putting your USP in the ad-copy helps boost its performance.

Standing out from competition

There are several ways stand out from your competitors. However, the basic idea is to place your brand differently from others. This is also the element that will encourage a higher conversion rate and high click through rate. Consequently, you need to be working with a very experienced and creative ad-copy creator. The investment will really be worth it.

The internet has increased your opportunity of addressing to a wider market but again, it is the internet that makes you compete with similar brands from across the globe. As in economic terms, “high risks bring in high gains”, online business is a risky job but managed carefully, it could make you a billionaire. Focus highly on digital marketing tools like ad-copies and you will see the difference.


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