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Politics, Celebs, Media, Nonprofits, Sports, & Universities find exclusive pages in G+

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As the U.S. Presidential Campaign will switch to top gear next year, and candidates on Google+ would stand to benefit as Google’s new community guide is one of the best efforts intended to connect voters to politicians and vice versa. Barack Obama is one of the most prominent faces to have joined Google+, and so has Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

The community guide for politicians and candidates offers step-by-step instruction for designing a Google+ Page for a public office or campaign in addition to information on how the candidate and staff can promote issues, platforms, or causes across the web. Since Google+ offers some unique features like Hangouts which other social networks lack, candidates seeking support will hang-out where the people flock and Google has also provided a list of politicians already using the Plus, who are connected to voters.

In addition to politics, there are five core community guides one each for celebs, media, nonprofits, sports, and universities, and Google has offered resources customized to the category which instructs users to successful profiles, gives free advice on how to maximisize linkages with the toolkit and also provides links to additional community resources to derive maximum benefit.

The community page for organizations and public personalities is a substantial step which offers a crucial resource for businesses reaching into the world of social media. The community guides seek to score over Facebook's educational resources by making Google the more accessible option as Google seems to be heading for a head-on battle with Facebook in the near future for the top spot in Social Media.

Google’s Head of Community Partnerships, Steve Grove, stated that "We want to help more organizations, politicians, artists, celebrities, athletes, media companies and nonprofits use Google+ to share and interact with each other – and with Google+ users."

By reaching out to students, organizations and public personalities across the globe, Google seems to be positioning itself for a full-fledged battle with Facebook. As of yet, Google+ is of no serious concern to Facebook, but Plus's current figures of 40 - 60 million users is a figure that Facebook cant turn a blind eye to.

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