The End of the Drama

google_vs_yahoo.jpgThere have been talks for one whole month regarding the yahoo-google advertising agreement. After several hushes and pushes the curtain of the drama seems never to get lifted. Google has ended the talks regarding this agreement earlier last week. According to Google’s official spaces, government regulators and some advertisers had concerns about the agreement from the start itself.

As stated in Google’s official blog, “However, after four months of review, including discussions of various possible changes to the agreement, it's clear that government regulators and some advertisers continue to have concerns about the agreement. Pressing ahead risked not only a protracted legal battle but also damage to relationships with valued partners. That wouldn't have been in the long-term interests of Google or our users, so we have decided to end the agreement.

The agreement seemed to be doubtful to almost everyone from the beginning because how can one approve a deal that would have involved more than 85% of the market? However, according to Google, “the advertising deal would have been good for publishers, advertisers, and users. Because this agreement if worked out would have allowed Yahoo to show more relevant ads for queries that currently generate few or no advertisements. Better ads are more useful for users, more efficient for advertisers, and more valuable for publishers.”

Google authorities seem to be very much disappointed due to the stop of this agreement in the mid-way. At last Google had to say “But we're not going to let the prospect of a lengthy legal battle distract us from our core mission. That would be like trying to drive down the road of innovation with the parking brake on.

**** End of the Drama*****

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