Graphical representation of mathematical functions has just gone beyond imagination for a search result. Google goes 3D on the graphs with various other enhancements related to it.

3D Graphical FunctionThis time Google astonishes us with an incredible inclusion of Graphs in 3D that is right in front of you in the form of a search result. The best part is that Google did not even install a software to do this, it could be quiet easily accompolished with a technology termed WebGL. This technology has managed to bring hardware-acclerated graphics in 3D directly to the Google browser. This has resulted in colorful and intriguing representation of complicated math functions and transitioned learning experience to a new light. Students of Mathematics are expected to harness widespread benefits with this seemingly useful function. 

Morever, these newest graphical representations are not just three dimensional but also interactive with functions like Pause and Play, Zoom in Function and Camera modes, Replay, 'click to' functions that allows you to check the graph in different angles and so on. Students even have the ability to change the equation values dynamically right at the bottom of the graphical 3D search result. It is truly interesting to see what all can be done using this fun Google feature. With just one year gone by on the introduction of their 2D graphical function, Google sure is on the roll with its newest updates. 

No wonder this King of a Search Engine has more in store than what meets the eye.

Here are some interesting mathematical functions for you to check out:

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