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With the prospect of making deep inroads into the travel industry, Google announced the launch of Flight Search, a web-based end-to-end user tool that directs travelers to find faster, flexible, and more useful results for online travel searches.

Providing what Google called an “early look” at the service the feature gives flight details to and from a handful of cities, including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Dallas and Minneapolis for airlines like Delta, JetBlue, Continental and American.

Flight Search results so far have been available by clicking on “Flights” on the left-hand navigation bar on the search results page but the new flight search feature doesn’t necessitate a click on Flights in the left-hand navigation bar.

Searchers can also directly go to to get flight information or get a tabulated detail in its search result just below the paid search ads, above organic results, showing available flights, including duration and prices with the option to choose dates on the page, or can just click any flight to further research and book your trip.

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Google Flight’s new look can be credited to the technology gained via Google's acquisition of airline data software company ITA. Google’s old flight data iteration in search results was text-heavy while the new version is much cleaner, organized, and understandable.

Users can change the end and return dates on the SERP Flights table, or click on the flight information to go to the detailed list at

While the initial phase of the feature is limited to search domestic US flights the flight schedule feature will soon provide information about nonstop routes around the world and across 11 languages.

If you're traveling through one of the many U.S. airports whose floor plans has recently been added to Google Maps for Android, you can find your way around with ease if you have an Android mobile phone.

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