Another perfect way to feed your Blue Bird

We were all wondering when the search engine giants will launch some product which is not Google Follow Finder.jpgcompetitive to twitter but an utility for this microblogging site. Finally such a product has appeared in Google labs. Named perfectly as “Google Follow Finder”, this product is a tailored search engine for finding prospective people on twitter that you will be interested to follow. This will be a great tool for adding followers to your twitter profile because, if you follow like-minded people, they will follow you back. The Google Follow Finder is cool at the interface. No unwanted stuff and it just has a search box what is all needed here. Key in the twitter username and this twitter follow search tool will present you will a bunch of twitter users who have similar interests as the username you searched with. You can see their tweets and yes you can follow them with just a click.

Google Follow Finder can be used as a tool to get lots of followers at twitter. All we have to do is to follow other users of similar interests while they follow you back. However, you can’t follow all these users all together as some other programs do. I am sure that Google will not implement a bulk follow option anytime. This may limit the users of Google Follow Finder. However, anyone with a motto of getting only the natural twitter followers will find this offering from Google very precious.

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