Tips to increase the acceptance rate of your reconsideration request

tips for successful reconsideration request

All reconsideration requests are not accepted. How frustrated we become when we get this message even after repeated efforts!

Google has received a reconsideration request from a site owner for

We've reviewed the links to your site and we still believe that some of them are outside our quality guidelines.

And here are a few ways to increase the probability of your reconsideration request to be successful.

1. Download links from WMT

There are a numerous services which give a report on the backlinks to your site; ahrefs, majestic seo etc. But the best thing is to download the links from your Webmasters tools as this will be more accurate. You can always cross check with the data you get from other services

2. Genuine link removal efforts

This is the area where many reconsideration requests fail. Many webmasters and SEO agencies tend to take shortcuts here. Prepare a disavow file and send a reconsideration request and done! Most probably the message from Google will be “Sorry, still there are unnatural links”. Prior to preparing disavow file, it is must to contact all the webmasters asking them to remove the links. Add a Google docs file with the contact email of the webmasters and the date of contact.

3. Documenting Link removal requests

It is very important to show Google that you have tried your best to remove the bad backlinks pointing to your site. Have a Google doc and document the date of first, second and third link removal request. It is important to add screenshots wherever necessary. You need to add the link of this doc file in your reconsideration request. And remember to keep the privacy setting as “anyone with the link can view the spreadsheet”.

4. Properly formatted disavow file

Google has prescribed a standard for preparing the disavow file and it’s a must to follow them. It must be noted that the whole process of disavow is automated and therefore Google won't accept a wrongly formatted disavow file. In case there are many links pointing to your website from a particular domain, instead of disavowing individual links, disavow the entire domain. This gives good results.

Tip: How to prepare a disavow file [Infographic]

5. Assure that you will never sin again

This is also an important factor in the success of your reconsideration request. Confess that what you have done is wrong and assure Google that you will never try to cheat the system again. A line like this would help

We’ve put a lot of time and effort into learning more about Google’s policies and quality guidelines and will never engage in such practices in the future.

6. Amendments

Let Google know the exact steps that you’re going to implement to improve the rankings to your site. A good way is to say that “we will constantly try to engage our audience with high quality unique content”.

These are a few guidelines to make sure that your reconsideration request is heard upon. Always remember that you’re sending this reconsideration request to a human being out there, not to an auto responder. Add as much information possible in your reconsideration request and have your penalty revoked.

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Google Penalty Prevention and Recovery Manual

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