Opportunity to earn credit for quality content

Not that this is a step towards a no-SEO approach towards ranking pages, but it is an opportunity to earn credit for quality content.

If you are in tune with what’s new and what’s in, on the online scene of product and business promotions, you must know the wide advantage that social networking does on your buying patterns. Businesses have harnessed maximum potential of social networking and social media and now it is time for companies to pull their socks up and welcome Google’s ‘+1’ button.

A lot like in concept but varied in objective, of the much popular Facebook Like button, the +1 button is for Google users who would love to recommend sites to their fellow keyword search buddies on the same Google platform. Earlier users were to use the social media to recommend quality content over the internet to their peers. Peer to peer recommendation online is as effective as word of mouth promotion. Times are soon to change with the launch of the +1 button where you hit the button featured on the website and the result is shown in the Google search results itself. This viral mode of recommending information to fellow search engine users can boost the want for quality content to feature high in search results.

Although, businesses may find it difficult to adopt to this button as a product of the search engine itself, gaining the ranking of which was top in their priority list, they can still come around and narrow in on strategies to win over the consumer recommendation pattern and optimize it to promote their business. On the other hand, the consumers are at an advantage as they can easily preview a page’s quality by seeing who has recommended it on Google.

One thing is for sure though; SEO remains undeterred with the introduction of the Google +1 button. Yes, some changes might take place here and there, but then it is not surprising to confront another update in your SEO strategies. If there are absolutely no updates, it certainly cannot be SEO. What would be anticipated in such cases where users are skeptical to limit their options to recommended links is an option that offers to opt in and out of the +1 phenomenon.

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