Out of 100 companies bought in the near past, Google now buys Clever Sense


Acquiring the Android and IOS App Developer company -Clever Sense, Google seizes the opportunity from Siri to get a Giant search engine backup and make 'Alfred' even more popular than it already is. Local search for restaurants, bar and other food joints has now become SEOtastic with its new owner Google. Local search is certainly not going to be the same anymore on mobile phones. With search engines' big tickets buying in apps like these, local plus mobile SEO is going in for a huge makeover. With this new merger, Clever Sense also plans on adding in new features that would let people decide and choose entertainment options around their locality.

What does this mean for local businesses on Google?

You now have an iPhone and Google Android app advantage to promote your restaurants other places of entertainment.

What to expect in the near future?

Clever Sense app development team and Google local search team are now in talks of introducing newer services that can change the way people look for restaurants and places of fun in their vicinity. These services are obviously going to be a boon for local businesses but to know how to optimize on the opportunity would be the key. Local businesses are expected to buckle up and watch out for everything new that comes out of this clever combination - Google + Clever Sense.

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