Will Yahoo be ready to tie a knot with Google?

Google is still the one wearing the golden hat in the search engine world. Bing, Ask and Aol are the so called competitors of Google. Honestly, they never come anywhere near the boundaries cast by Google comparing the statistics and customer satisfaction reports concerned with search engines. That is the power Google has earned over years, and we appreciate them owing to the difficulties and for the years they spent in setting up their data stations and centers, which is now very well equipped in providing perfect answers to any question we ask for.











As this situation of supremacy prevails, what about Google merging with Yahoo? Google’s executive chairman, Eric Schmidt reportedly said that Google “would love” to replace Microsoft as Yahoo’s search partner, during a launch event for Google's Nexus tablet in Tokyo. What will be Microsoft’s take on that? Google would be very much eager to annex Yahoo as we all know that Microsoft is one among its intense competitors. Marissa Mayer, a new addition to Yahoo’s family, was an ex-Google employee and to note is that she helped build parts of Google's search engine, and it’s quite obvious for her to integrate Google’s search results over Microsoft’s. One thing not to forget is that, Microsoft can even buy Marissa if they smell something fishy with her decisions favoring Yahoo-Google merger. Rumor mills speculate Marissa was hired to powder Yahoo, just for the purpose of selling it to Google within a couple of years.

Right now Bing and Yahoo together own 30 percent of the search engine market share. And it will be good for Google to earn it, and that would be what Schmidt meant too.

Refreshing history

Google landed on 1999, and it served as Yahoo’s search technology provider from 2000 to 2004, after when Yahoo opted to perform search based on its own technology. In 2008, Yahoo and Google entered into an ad partnership, based on which Yahoo would place Google ads on search results. But unfortunately Google was forced to scuttle the deal citing antitrust concerns posed by the U.S. Justice Department. That was when Microsoft entered the scene, entering a deal with Yahoo which still exists, and Yahoo is authorized to switch the key off almost by next spring. Which means the Google has chance to replace Microsoft very soon. Also Yahoo is reported to earn poor with its partnership with Microsoft, which might also tempt Yahoo to rethink its continuation of deal with Microsoft.


Remember Yahoo dumping Google way back in 2004 as the default search technology provider for its U.S.-based sites, and the reason Yahoo gave was that it was part of its push to become the Web's top search engine. Things are not the same now.


Register cited – “At present, Yahoo!'s search is powered by Microsoft's Bing – but there's nothing holding Google back from snaffling such an agreement away from Redmond at some future point. And this isn't the first time Mountain View has openly flirted with Yahoo! over such a proposed affair.”


Adding fuel to the rivalry between tech giants is always common, and what makes this news very special is the significance it proves  in us understanding crystal clear, how much Google wishes to cling to Yahoo, evident from, Kenneth Maxwell(Dow Jones Newswire reporter)’s report,


 – “Yes, I can confirm, Eric Schmidt definitely said they’d be interested in working with Yahoo US. He also said nothing doing for the time being, but they would be interested. It was also mentioned to him that there is new management at Yahoo US with a Google connection. But he played it pretty straight…. He also said they had expressed this interest to Yahoo before on a number of occasions.”


There is no point in arriving at conclusions until the final word is out. 


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