New Feature is Launched in Google Webmaster Tools to View “Manual Webspam Actions" with examples

Manual Webspam Action viewerAfter the update of penalty algorithms, there were so many questions from webmasters regarding the manual Webspam action notification messages in Google Webmaster Tools. We could see so many videos put forth by Matt Cutts -  last month answering the questions of webmasters on bad backlink examples and Reconsideration requests. After the long analysis of Webmaster needs, Google has come up with a New feature launched  in Google Webmaster Tools to help webmasters to view the Manual Webspam Actions taken.  

Spammy Search Results

So far users were coming across spam sites in search results for their needed queries. But now the degree has been reduced gradually after the algorithmic updates. Google is still striving to keep spam out of users search results. The steps taken on spammy results include improving the Webspam algorithm as well as taking manual Webspam actions of sites that violate Google quality guidelines.   As many webmasters wants to know whether or not any manual Webspam action taken on their site, Google has launched a new tool on Google Webmaster Tools to view the Manual Action.

Steps to view Manual Actions

Step 1:

Go to Google Webmaster Tools --> Search Traffic --> Manual Actions

Step 2:

You could probably  see a message saying “No manual webspam actions found”.

As per Google’s recent analysis their index shows that,  2% of the domains that Google has seen are manually removed from Webspam . So, if you see the above message, then your site doesn't have a manual removal or direct demotion for webspam reasons.

If your site has been affected by manual Webspam action but in a very small fraction, chances are that, Google might have already sent you a notification message in Webmaster Tools. Google will keep sending more messages if manual actions were taken

Step 3:

As per the new launch , now you can do a live check on Google’s internal manual systems. Below is the image, which would look like if Google had taken manual action on a specific section of a site for "Unnatural Links to your site - impacts links":

Webspam Action - Partial

Manual Webspam - Partial

Manaul Webspam action will be shown in two headings,

  • Partial Match
  • Site wide match

The above image shows the example of Partial Match and Not site wide match. Clicking the "Learn more" link will offer new resources for troubleshooting.

Some examples of how the reasons will be for Partial Match is that,

Once the corrections has been made on the violations of Google quality guidelines, you can send for Reconsideration request. This new process is so simple to identify the issues with your site and recover your site from penalty.

As given in Google Webmaster Blog,

"Now, when you visit the reconsideration request page, you’ll be able to check your site for manual actions, and then request reconsideration only if there’s a manual action applied to your site.”

 “If you do have a webspam issue to address, you can do so directly from the Manual Actions page by clicking "Request a review

This is a most important and needed feature for Webmasters which would help them by all means to build a quality site.  The new process of sending reconsideration would be easy, time saving and effective. It would help speed up the troubleshooting. For any questions regarding the new feature, Manual Actions Viewer, post your questions on Google Webmaster forum.

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Hope the detailed information we provided, helped you in knowing more on the new feature. For more future updates on algorithms, SEO news and tactics, subscribe to our news and follow me on my Google Plus Profile.


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