Media Companies Ask Google to pay Tax to Display their Snippets in Google News

Google defends media providers

Newspapers are not as popular as before except for a very meager number of people who fall under the ‘senior citizen’ category. They too sit with a newspaper in the morning hours since it has become one among their habits. We no longer wait for the newspapers to get delivered in our hands to know the sports or election results. All news covering all various categories are in our hand most times as visual treats/mourns in forms of smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs.

Print news have been shelved and eroded by television and the internet. Media organizations have shifted focus towards digital media promotions’ and boost revenue through subscriptions as well as charging for their online content. Google’s agreement term with The Associated Press is one such example and their joint efforts are a treat to Google users. Google has no advertisements displayed in its subdomain - “Google News”. Yet they pay a vast majority of the attention to this service, owing to its indirect influence in web search results. 

The Threat Call

war between media companies and google   A Brazilian news organization named ANJ, responsible for   90% of Brazil’s circulation have   abandoned Google News. The association comprising a total of 154 news websites has been negotiating with Google to pay a fee for linking to their content. Carlos Fernando Lindenberg Neto (President of Brazil's National Association of Newspapers) said, “Staying with Google News was not helping us grow our digital audiences.” ANJ also reported that since their break-up with Google News, they have only dropped 5% of their traffic. Obviously we can only believe what they say. Since there is a dispute and since ANJ never wishes to bow before Google, the percentage might have also been 50%. But we trust them. We had already reported on a similar problem Google faces with the European Administration.

However, as usual Google defended ANJ, warning them that their decision will only bounce-back at them.


If similar protests by media organizations asking for “TAX” spread across countries, Google will be led to a situation complying all their demands and pay for each link that turn out in their search results page. What will happen to the business structure then? At present both media companies and Google reflect a paradigm which shows that they both are equally benefitted. But when media service providers are alerted on the other way how Google’s dominat the revenue structure out of their mutually beneficial stand, there forms a friction in their smooth relationship.

This should either get resolved or else we will have to seek various other news sources to update our knowledge. It will end-up as a never ending fear factor for Google when all media companies through-out the world ask for tax payment to display their sites in “Google News”. This in turn will arrange feasible entry for start-up platforms taking advantage of the vacant place to tighten its roots. 

The Real Ones Getting Affected

Google newsOnce these arguments fail and all top media content providers wash out their presence from Google News page, there never appears a blank page. The void will get replaced by news sites that were getting least exposure in Google News. Google will for sure encourage and sponsor their existence linked with quality. They will adopt, modify and seek all possible ways including SEO to improve and only if such stuffs happen, will Google list them and finally revamps its lost-for-a-short-term working model. It’s hard to coin out a strong search engine structure that dominates Google. So at the end of the day it’s always the media companies who are getting affected. Critics say that efforts by media companies are short-lived and self-destructive. This might also counter attack. Google getting washed out leaving its traces on-to the hands of news media associations. Mind that Google is capable of existing only with its web search page. Now, what’s the intent of media news providers? Google commercializes its business utilizing free access from media news sites, which is no more tolerated. What Google replies to them is – “we don’t profit from your content”

Google News Page showing advertisements in disguise

Have a look at this Google News page excerpt,

Google news adverts













Don’t you find this as an advertisement placed for “The Financial Express” news site in the form of “Editor’s Pick”?

What would a Regular Google News reader do until the negotiations and fight between media sites and Google continue? Where will he go for reading relevant news displayed over top tier e-news pages? Bing will be a definite no-go, as its news page results are least advisable for reference, I suppose.


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