Google November 08, 2011 pagerank update witnessed across several datacenters

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Google Pagerank Update

Google November 2011 updateA substantial number of sites witnessed the pagerank update today across several datacenters of Google. Google is believed to have rolled out the fresh algorithm changes, which is said to be affecting a massive 35% of searches. We have been receiving calls from delighted clients, who saw increased PR ratings on their toolbars. So far, it has turned out to be a good update as several sections of our website including the recently  launched sections seo wiki , seo news  etc have gained rank. Some of our clients have had their PR climb up as much as 3 places from the previous level.

Ever since the Panda update, which slapped most of the content farming and low quality sites, we have been advising our clients to fix canonical issues and supply quality rich, unique content. In addition, we have also been urging, encouraging and abetting clients to optimize their page speed to 90+  inorder to achieve higher pageranks as this is considered to be a vital contributing factor in the list of 200+ SEO pointers, which determine the quality of a website.

Directory submission is yet another SEO service, which has helped a lot in achieving higher page rank as our own site was (and is being) submitted to good directories frequently. We have gained 2 positions up in our home pagerank, which came as a surprise since Google had its last update only 2 months back. This Pagerank gain in the space of just two months it is a surely a commendable achievement .

I also checked Google’s webmasters' resources for a PR update, but there seems to be no indication of any now, though the hope to see it any time soon officially, hasn't dulled.

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