Halloween Celebrations as Splendid as Ever – Google Doodle Made Interactive

Google celebrated Halloween as usual with its interesting Doodle, made interactive.

Google Halloween Home page 2012








As you knock each of the doors of this creepy house, squid like; monster-eyes like, Casper and other two ‘I am not sure of’ like funny ghosts step out revealing the Google logo out. Enjoyable!

Google Doodle Halloween 2012









While Google had its own way of Doodle fun, see what other search engines display in their home pages as a part of Halloween celebrations.


Bing’s Home Page for Halloween

Bing Halloween Home page 2012


DuckDuckGo’s Home Page for Halloween

The innocent duck got replaced by a 5 year old creepy-boy-like pumpkin.

DuckDuckGoHalloween Home page 2012










Ask’s Home Page for Halloween

No animations or other attractions in case of Ask.com, but for a valid question at the beginning of its search page.

Ask Halloween 2012 Home page












Google Doodles through the Years

You should thoroughly enjoy this…

google doodle halloween 1999


                                                              Google Doodle for Halloween 1999

google doodle halloween 2000

                                                                                      Google Doodle for Halloween 2000

google doodle halloween 2001

                                                    Google Doodle for Halloween 2001

google doodle halloween 2002



                                          Google Doodle for Halloween 2002

google doodle halloween 2003

                                                                            Google Doodle for Halloween 2003

google doodle halloween 2004

                                                   Google Doodle for Halloween 2004

         google doodle halloween 2005



                                          Google Doodle for Halloween 2005

 google doodle halloween 2006

                                                  Google Doodle for Halloween 2006

      google doodle halloween 2007

                                                                                    Google Doodle for Halloween 2007

       google doodle halloween 2008

                                                                             Google Doodle for Halloween 2008

google doodle halloween 2009

                                                                            Google Doodle for Halloween 2009

google doodle halloween 2010

                                                                                                                                 Google Doodle for Halloween 2010

google doodle halloween 2011

                                                                             Google Doodle for Halloween 2011

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