Penguin Update 3 not scary as expected

Google Penguin UpdateThe third update to Google’s Penguin update released late on Friday 5th October 2012, and was named Penguin Update 3. The update roughly affected 0.3% of English queries, 0.4% of Spanish queries, 0.3% of Italian queries and 0.4% of French queries. We deliberately planned to post an article regarding this update owing to the lower percentage of sites affected.

Needless to mention, this update was neither shaking nor jerky, as predicted by THE Matt Cutts. SEO’ers! Next time Matt warns something to be scary, never fear & stay cool, since he never reveals real scary processes.

Matt Cutts went on to tweet another weather report:

                       “Weather report: Penguin data refresh coming today. 0.3% of English          queries noticeably affected. Details:

He followed it with yet another tweet 6 hours later:

                         “I have to give the “PENGUIN/PANDA (GANGNAM) STYLE” video points for effort:

Recovery report

WebProNews reported – “Marketer Donna Fontenot claims that she has one client that saw a “huge recovery”. Donna posted on Twitter:

                            “@Marie_Haynes I can tell you that one client that I’ve been helping deal with Penguin saw a huge recovery now that Penguin finally ran again”

This should be a great gift,for hersix months long wait for the next Penguin update to roll out.

Yet another report from Cesar Bielich on SEOmoz reports –

“Most of my problems came from sites I totally forgot I even had, which is what was hurting me. Finally going back to those sites and either removing the links/domains is what I believe is making the difference.”

Matt defines the “noticeable” term in SEO

Matt defines the utopian term that Google use – “‘noticeable’ change in search results”. Matt spilled the bean, while tweeting back to Rob Watts (UK SEO) as follows,

Question by Rob: “oh ok, so a result boosted by spam at pos 10 might be shifted to page 600 but no visible change above the fold for query space?”

Answer by Matt: “Basically. Swapping a #10 result for a different #10 result might not be noticeable. Swapping out in (say) top 5 ->more noticeable”

What Matt means is that a website at the tenth position will not see a vibrant change over with this update, but for the website at the fifth position. So it’s all hot news only for websites competing for the first five positions, this time. Again it’s the link story coming again. Never hunt for link baits, earn them naturally.

Notable comment on Penguin 3

“With each update that Google has done this year, their search results keep getting worse; they're burning down their house just to kill some termites (well, a billion dollar industry of termites). Their advice for great SEO is what I hear parroted on every single one of these articles and forums: "Just write good quality content". Why do people keep buying this? Do you think Sergey and Larry are literary critics now instead of business savvy engineers? This whole notion that your reputation and backlinks are just going to naturally appear because you have great content is just Matt Cutts smoke blowing. Believe me, I study search engines, and there's plenty of amazing websites with great content on the bottom. Look at the top ten websites on the internet--barely any content. They need to kill the panda and penguin, and go back to when Google had the cool factor going for it.

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