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googleplus.pngThe much awaited Google Plus Business pages is finally live. We got ours created and well customized. Check out our cool Google Plus One page. It has been a long wait for us as well because we did not want to miss out the golden opportunity to promote our brand within Google’s own SUCCESSFUL social network. We had created our business page yesterday and found a few promotion opportunities as well.

Creating a Google Plus One Business Page is very simple. If you need help with that refer the handbook below.

How to create a google plus business profile
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The first look at Google Plus business pages is not very bad or too good. We cannot call it half-baked but Google Plus has a long way to go. However, there are a few features which are really amazing and useful for business promotion in “Google Plus One”. Here is what we think of Google Plus Business pages on the first look.

THE CIRCLES – We love it! – The circles feature (Same as the circles in your personal Google Plus One profile). Circles were very useful for organizing the friends and now with the availability of these cool circles in your business page, you can manage your fans very effectively. This feature would certainly leave facebook thinking of making something cool for organizing the fans. The default circles are “Customers”, “VIPs”, “Followers” and “Team Members”. We had already added a few of our team members to our page and we are working our strategy to bring in all our customers so that we would be able to send out customized greet and emails to our clients. The circles would succeed a lot because the customers will have platform to interact between themselves. See this video from “Good Morning America” explaining about the circles and its use

No information about the vanity urls
– This may prevent some business owners to have a second thought in creating the Google Plus page in a hurry. Vanity url eligibility as in facebook could have made Google Plus users hurry to claim the preferred ones. With no word on the vanity urls yet, Google Plus Business Pages lacks a spontaneous action from the business owners to gather followers. There are several third-party  programs which can get you vanity urls. These would be handy only if you want a memorable url and has nothing to do with SEO.

Limited customization but creativity can carve even on water
– Google Plus Business pages currently have very limited or nil customization options except adding your logo (not really a customization). However, an unintentional photo timescape sort of feature of “Google Plus One” has become a customization feature for use. We just simply turned that into a custom header image. Check out our Google Plus Page.

The Activity Stream – Almost a photocopy of facebook wall. There isn’t much unique about the “activity stream” of Google Plus One business profiles. However, we have already started filling our profile with updates and the reason behind we acting so fast is because this is a Google Products and it is social signals that we are getting from each wall post. Socials signals are considered to be the top ranking factor of 2011 and beyond. So these signals directly from Google! They are certainly valuable.

One thing that is evident from Google’s approach is that, they are trying to combine all possible Google Products under one social media platform – The “Google Plus One”. Though there isn’t much for businesses to do in the pages except posting updates in the activity stream, here are some reasons why you should hurry in building your profile

  • Though the vanity url is not available with “Google Plus One”, it would be available very soon. Google would be putting up the same rule as in facebook to get XX number of followers before you could set the custom url. So you have plenty of time to gather followers by creating the page right away
  • Fill your business page with regular updates to the activity stream.  You would be well aware of Google giving top importance to facebook wall updates and tweets to rank a website. Now, with Google having its own place to look for such updates, where do you think they would look first?
The Google Plus One Promotion Service

SubmitINme has already started offering Google plus promotion service to clients. We can call it to be maintenance to be precise where we research and post daily updates to the activity stream. The service comes with an offer of free job an any update that Google Plus rolls out next.

Stay tuned, when we know about any update with Google Plus Business Profiles, you know it. Just subscribe to our news section

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