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New age elections have commenced in the US where people get to actively participate in analyzing candidates' electoral statistics and news on the web.

US Elections 2012, Google Elections2012 has brought in newer opportunities already for US politics to be able to connect with their internet user-voter population of the country. Comprehensive and interactive platform offered by leaves no room for any ignorance when it comes to analyzing or choosing their preferred electoral candidates on the grounds of online Search Popularity, Google News Mentions and YouTube Video Views. 

Launched primarily for both US and Egypt elections this seems like a trend that can change the political face of the future. The Trends Dashboard seems pretty impressive for now that is much like watching web traffic on your Google Analytics in a mini version. We look forward to additional trends categories in this once the actual trend of Googled Politics catches on like a fire. 

Like any other Google product, also finds prominent space in Google+ that has now become a one-stop-shop for every update on your various Google profiles. Currently, Google offers to cover news about US and Egypt Electoral Candidates under categories like Economy, Immigration, Healthcare, Government Spending, Jobs & Unemployment, National Security and Social Issues. We can expect more categories to be added in the near future here as well. 

Google US Elections 2012

It also makes available a special Politics and Elections Edition Google tool kit for Media Consultants, Journalists, Developers, Campaign Managers,  IT Media Managers and so on to reach out to the voters via various Google channels like Google+, YouTube, Google Trends (one such journalist reportedly used the Google Trends toolkit is Nate Silver of the New York Times) and Google Ads. Apart from these, you also have Google products like Google+ Hangouts, Google News, Google Docs, Fusion Tables, Google Insights, GoMo, Reader, Public Data Explorer, Google Maps, Google Alerts and many more to explore US/Egypt Politics. 

Quick Prediction: Google expands its US/ Egypt Political Analytics to the rest of the world. 

Hypothetical Prediction: After uncontrollable expansion of its Political Analytics, politicians start optimizing their stand in and SEO comes in to lend a helping hand for higher political popularity. That would be Good News for our fellow webmasters. 

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